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  1. From the top of my head I enjoy 'What's So Great About That' Which is a pop culture review sight. Her self description of 'examining the connections between media, philosophy and art - and how ideas reoccur in fiction and culture is pretty accurate I think. Video that got me interested. Not a prolific updater but interesting I think
  2. What's the name of the app?
  3. It's also the fact that they seem to be either unwillingly or willingly happily to let themselves be mugged by the fundamentalist right by narrowly defining women as solely their ability to have children, or to me it seems to be moving in that direction.
  4. I think balance only works as a concept when there are genuine grey areas like in the classic Beatles vs Stones argument which has vexed some of the greatest messageboard philosophers. On the other hand one side is not supported by current science or any real empirical (might be wrong term) evidence but are just a bunch of hateful cunts they really should heartily be told to fuck off.
  5. JK Rowling: Ian McEwan and Graham Linehan among literary figures to support author amid transphobia row Not saying there won't be a small percentage of misogynist abuse amongst the genuine criticism of Rowling's hateful transphobia, but I think what these people would secretly love would be for it to be illegal to be mean to them or criticise them in anyway.
  6. 'Hey Wendy Don't wear a mask just 'cause it's trendy The New World Order is unfriendly and jet fuel can't melt steel beams'
  7. I do think I'm definitely stealing 'You do not deserve the sun." as a retort
  8. Is there a way to only show posts before the first Year of Shit?
  9. If Labour have done this then fuck Labour quite frankly. Absolute no respect for a Labour party that has any communication at all with those cunts.
  10. Judith Butler gives good answers in this New Statesman interview
  11. Yeah it's great. Love Riot as well, but need to be in the mood for it.
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