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  2. There's a verdict day thread too that is excellent
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  4. MODERN ROMANCE (1981, dir: Albert Brooks) Unrom-com about a neurotic narcissist who dumps his partner, obsesses about it, gets back with her, and then begins to repeat the cycle over and over again. Funny! Little film where the first 20 minutes is just one guy ringing people up in a drug-addled haze and talking to himself, but it's funny! Cynical view of romance, or is it just a cynical view of himself, or people like him who work in Hollywood (he plays a film editor), but cynical all the same - no one trusts anyone, no one wants what they want, and they get in sad little cycles of b
  5. Part of the problem is that C4/E4 showed Friends with so many of the jokes just taken out that the context is entirely lost. I remember that being the case for that bit. Working on the assumption you aren't making a gag I missed, what's actually happening there is that he's in the hotel in Tulsa and having a wank to some regular porn and is disturbed by Monica who shows up unexpectedly as a surprise. He switches from the porn channel to the nearest available channel in panic, which happens to be sharks. Monica is aware she caught him wanking by his reaction then looks at the TV and sees s
  6. That's not exactly what's happening there. Or indeed at all.
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  8. Actually might make it my life's mission to compile the posts because they're all spread out. It was peak Olly and Mupps at the top of their game before they both did their ACLs and went to the MLS.
  9. Getting on that in the morning. Grateful for a link if you can.
  10. The best day/ week was the Oscar Pistorius trial. I had to leave my desk (remember when we had desks) so many times to go outside.
  11. Cheers! Been reading random old threads to try and catch stuff I missed over the years and they’re usually just about Micah P Hinson or whatever, so good to get some proper content. The one GUBE linked to about axl’s 2 week relationships last week was a delight too tbf.
  12. Heheh https://www.google.com/amp/s/m.huffpost.com/us/entry/3054324/amp
  13. Video was fine today but had some strange audio issues with the commos sounding like robots. It's been patchy this season for many Oxford fans but I haven't had major issues particularly. Oh, except for the game I didn't get the first 10mins of the second half a few games ago.
  14. I spent a very pleasant afternoon on the play doh today, obviously helpful if there's a kid around to basically ignore while you create amazing doh art. Easiest way to make a rainy afternoon disappear.
  15. Ross is the best despite fucking his student
  16. s2e1 the best one so far - paolo comes back, "i do raquel" - phoebe confuses demi moore and dudley moore when doing monica's hair - joey's tailor cups chandler's balls, great delivery by ross on the "in PRISON!" line - rachel also is good in this one wonder if this series can keep it up!
  17. Are you having issues with ifollow (which I assume is how you're watching) cuppa. Ours is a 56kbaud dumpster fire of buffering, no sound and awful quality picture. Tapping out on this and asking for refund
  18. That’s just reminded me of something that was only funny when I was 10 years old, won’t sound funny now but hasn’t been forgotten. There was a lad at school called Dale Bickerdyke but everyone pronounced it Pickerdyke. These two lads got in an argument which basically went along the simple lines of: “It’s Pickerdyke!”, “It’s Bickerdyke”, back and forth for about ten minutes, until one lad intervened and shouted out really loud over both of them: “it’s Biscuit!”. And from then on he was known as Dale Biscuit.
  19. out of nowhere the line "the police said this was a mystery that was better left unsolved" from Spinal Tap has come into my brain and am cracking up.
  20. Tesco are delivering during the second half of the Oxford game. Bet I miss a goal.
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