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  2. I read that! The trip wire bit is quite late into it DEAD
  3. Just reading about the patch they've just done for LOU2 to add permadeath mode´┐╝, 30 hour game on one life! Mental!
  4. Taking the, probably accurate, chance that no women read the games thread here.
  5. Was reading that the guy that played the police chief refused to drink fake alcohol in all those drinking scenes so the director reckoned he was downing about 30 pints a day GOT to be an exaggeration but he still must have been drinking a LOT.
  6. The whole thing could have so easily been so over the top but everyone in it played their parts so perfectly you can't help but buy in to it, the friendly-aggressive police chief, the guy who brings him back to his house to carry on drinking and yeah Pleasance himself. Funniest bit was when the toothless simpleton gives the main guy a lift for like 50 miles in his car and when the main guy refuses to have a drink with him he goes absolutely mental because refusing a drink is seemingly only one small step down from noncing.
  7. Saw it at the cinema when it came out and always meant to watch again and then yeah just signed up to BFI and noticed it was on there (LADOLI that is).
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  9. the scene where the lead character meets Donald Pleasence is all time top 10 cinema moments for me. also the bit where they all stop drinking for one minute to remember the dead is the only real tonal shift in the film but it really helps sell the vibe of how fucked the place is.
  10. been meaning to watch LADOLI, it's on BFI Player, gonna give it a go. Who doesn't like John Hurt? Nobody that's who.
  11. Wow LADOLI sounds great! Never even heard of it
  12. July megamovie line up Prometheus (Ridley Scott, 2012) Always loved Alien, Aliens and even kind of liked Resurrection (not seen Alien 3) so thought i'd give it a go. Ridic story, CGI was a bit dodgy and there were some really bad performances (Idris Elba in particular absolutely DIALING IT in down a 28k internet connection) BUT still kind of enjoyed it! And some of the concepts in it were pretty cool. Probably not gonna watch Covenant though. 6/10 Blow Out (Brian de Palma, 1981) De Palma properly doing his Hitchcock thing here.. audio engineer Travolta witnesses a murder and ends up getting pulled in to a wider political conspiracy but of course no one believes him.. great reminder of what an amazing screen presence Travolta was back then. Read somewhere that he was going through a bout of insomnia when this was being filmed which i think prob helped with the kind of off-kilter performance. The main woman in it was a bit annoying (overdoing the ditzy thing) but apart from that v good and full marks for both a great opening and bold ending. 8/10 The Thing (John Carpenter, 1981) Basically a Whodunit in Antarctica with Space Aliens, good story and really tightly filmed.. lol at the special effects, ridiculous but so much more enjoyable than badly done CGI. 7.5/10 Bringing out the Dead (Martin Scorsese, 1999) Nicholas Cage as an ambulance driver on the verge of a nervous breakdown, had all the classic hallmarks of a Schrader script but I've got to say I don't think Scorcese was the right director to pull this off, he just doesnt have the sensibilities for it (maybe he did when he made Taxi Driver but not by this point), would have been interesting to see what someone like Aranofsky might have done with it (think this would have worked a bit better in the RfaD mold), or maybe even Schrader should have just directed it himself. For all that it was it did have some interesting aspects to it and I thought Cage was really great but pretty much everyone else (Arquette and Goodman in particular) seemed weirdly miscast. 6/10 25th Hour (Spike Lee, 2002) One guys last night before he gets sent down for an 8-stretch, one of those films where the tension runs heavily through it so you constantly think its going in one direction and then it ends up in a different one entirely. This was a bit the opposite of Bringing out the Dead in that I thought everyone in it was really great except i didnt quite buy the central performance not least because half the story is about what a gorgeous looking bloke Norton is.. but is he really? Just cant see it, especially with the ultra naff goatee! 7.5/10 London (Patrick Kiellor, 1994) Sort of poetic meditation and narrated conversation between two people read over documentary footage of London in 1993, kind of hynotic, with its scary irish men setting huge bombs off in bishopsgate, people living in tents in Lincolns Fields, London generally feeling pretty derelict and unloved. Wish i'd moved there then might have been able to afford a nice house! This is the first of the Robinson trilogy (Robinson in Space & Robinson in Ruins) which i'd vaguely heard of but never seen. 8/10 Love and Death on Long Island (Richard Kwietniowski, 1997) John Hurt is a cut off from the modern world fusty old writer who's wife has died and is a bit directionless living with his housekeeper in London until one day he finds himself at the cinema accidentally watching a sub-porkys style teen comedy starring Jason Priestley who he instantly has a huge crush on, so has to plot his way to long Island where he hopes to "accidentally" meet him. Kind of odd film, good though! 7/10 Wake in Fright (Ted Kotcheff, 1971) Absolutely loved this, English school teacher gets lumbered with a job teaching way out in a two shack village in the outback and is heading back to Sydney for the summer holidays but has to go via a bigger outback town "The Yabba" where he gets stuck and can seemingly never leave like something out of an anxiety dream. Fuck me do Australians drink a lot, I know it's a fictional film but from what I can tell reading around it it was pretty realistic and all anyone did for the time they werent working was get absolutely shit faced. Everyone was brilliant in this, especially Donald Pleasance as a deranged alcoholic doctor living in a shed in the desert. 9/10. FILM OF THE MONTH Inception (Christopher Nolan, 2010) Quite liked this the first time i saw it but think i found the story kind of confusing which was pretty thick of me as its really not at all, good concept film. 8/10 Blue Collar (Paul Schrader, 1978) Never heard of this before, quite a political film in the package of a crime drama.. three blue collar workers at a car factory in Detroit - Richard Pryor, Yaphet Kotto & Harvey Keitel - sick of being fucked over by both their employer and their union decide to knock over the union for a few grand after a tip off. Loved the tiny comedic moments in an otherwise serious film.. them all dressed up in their rididulous halloween costumes that provide no element of disguise, Pryor and Keitel hitting each other with massive rubber dildos at a sex party, also loved how Keitel was kind of the third wheel in the film as the slightly sad sack token white bloke, cant imagine there were that many films in the 70s that were cast like that. 8.5/10. Runner up FOTM Thief (Michael Mann, 1981) Classic Mann - looked great, really slickly shot, crisp lighting and colours, Caan was brilliant in the lead role but ive already kind of forgotten the story that didnt really amount to too much. I guess it was more of a character study really about a guy who seemed by his own inflexibility and unwillingness to back down from any confrontation ever. 7/10
  13. The fuck is wrong with these people.
  14. Yeah, that raadzi dude sucks massive balls
  15. They literally have CBBC presenters and I don't understand why.
  16. Went for a 3hr walk/run and naturally caught a thunderstorm. I was standing in torrential rain, at exactly the halfway point, transfixed by the sight of an overflowing drain in the road, its black contents spouting upward like a miraculous water feature, such beauty when a VW Golf drove through it and the miraculous water feature was now on me. The black quality was dirt and grit which also got in my mouth Worried I had caught lyme disease I headed home and vowed never to stop and gaze at god's beauty on the A1 again.
  17. Am I being too obvious saying these sound like his lyrics
  18. Cauliflower cheese with strong Red Leicester and Danish Blue. Possibly the cheesiest thing I've eaten this side of just cheese.
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