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  1. Red Sky in the Morning - Communist Warning!

    Was Harnk the one who bravely went to NI on goof balls?
  2. Red Sky in the Morning - Communist Warning!

    Think Google is trolling me here:
  3. Red Sky in the Morning - Communist Warning!

    I'd say lightning does strike twice
  4. Red Sky in the Morning - Communist Warning!

    Definitely waiting til I get home to investigate this further
  5. Red Sky in the Morning - Communist Warning!

    Better revelation than Spastic Colon's mate and one of the Girl Alouds
  6. Red Sky in the Morning - Communist Warning!

    Bit scared of GISsing "tweenies"
  7. 2019 General Elrection Megathread

    No, that doesn't work, does it
  8. 2019 General Elrection Megathread

    See below
  9. 2019 General Elrection Megathread

    Imagine making a promise and then immediately reneging on it.
  10. 2019 General Elrection Megathread

    Even if I was a full-blown Nazi I'd know not to make comments in public before getting voted into the Reichstag Parliament
  11. 2019 General Elrection Megathread

    Forgot to mention but this recently resurfaced in the media and I was amazed it hadn't before. I actually own this as I bought it in a charity shop bundle out of curiosity. Must have read it a long time ago as I'd mostly forgotten about the 'plot' points https://www.theguardian.com/books/2004/oct/03/fiction.features1
  12. 2019 General Elrection Megathread

    If he's got Schofield and Willoughby lapping it up might as well switch off the lights now.
  13. 2019 General Elrection Megathread

    heard about this but not been able to watch it as no sound at work. Proper mental. What would it actually take?
  14. 2019 General Elrection Megathread

    Like the Peckham Terminator?
  15. 2019 General Elrection Megathread

    I'm hardly surprised. Once we had fought the long battle planned by everyone for forty years and we no longer had the EU interfering in every fibre of our daily lives it was inevitable. I went out and bought 1000KW lightbulbs for every fitting in my house in June 2016. It's been lovely ever since.