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  1. CURRENT LISTENING | YouTube Music Thread

    Still taking a break because I cannot justify time on here when I'm trying to find work but this one definitely for those out there that like Deafheaven, post rock and doom. Astonishing album. I'd be well surprised if Gavin and GUBE haven't already heard. Olly, definitely one for you. Amnesiac maybe, even Randy. Don't just listen to it at work, this is astonishing
  2. Shitegeist

    I am taking a break but this made me laugh
  3. Bank Holyday weekend

    You're right, it does make you think. I think you're a moron. Thanks Wayne, this has been uplifting
  4. Bank Holyday weekend

    I do wonder whether Randy is protesting about the Pope having more sex than him and weird Tony
  5. Friday Extended Weekend Precursor

    Weird Tony is Randy, that much is plain.
  6. Friday Extended Weekend Precursor

    Desolation thread to the power of 10 WTF is wrong with you? Seriously?
  7. Friday Extended Weekend Precursor

    I'm no expert on relationships
  8. Friday Extended Weekend Precursor

    The KLF reboot amounted to nothing, didn't it?
  9. Friday Extended Weekend Precursor

  10. Friday Extended Weekend Precursor

    Just been offered 150E for a conference call on Monday to discuss best practice in bidding in the UK.
  11. Friday Extended Weekend Precursor

    These guys all work 12 hour shifts, 3 days a week. I can see the appeal of that, my mate Alan worked in a factory 4 days a week before he died. His weekend started Thursday night. He did a lot of activist stuff over the weekends so it suited him. I'm fastidiously clean in my home. The kitchen is spotless and absolutely my pride and joy. This place was fucking filthy. It made my skin crawl.
  12. Friday Extended Weekend Precursor

    Thanks. I just couldn't deal with the boredom. I have respect for people who can seem to just switch off. I'm not one of them.
  13. Friday Extended Weekend Precursor

    I will have to come back to the Beastie Boys later or tomorrow, having a bit of a meltdown here. Couldn't go to work today. I stood and stared into space for about 9 hours yesterday as there was no work to do. I cannot be doing with doing nothing. So that's that agency off the radar, they haven't even phoned me yet but it's not going to be pleasant. feel hideously guilty that they will have lost some revenue but they lied to me about the position so I hope I can see the balance there. The next week was due to be Wed-Fri so hopefully they'll find someone on Tuesday. No weekend plans, will play some more poker and drown my sorrows
  14. Thurse Snatching

    That’s not an invite, Axl
  15. Thurse Snatching

    Oh noes, The Big Bang Theory is finished. *wipes anal tear*