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  1. Tue me, tue me

    Alright, I'm done, I hope the matter is rectified immediately. You need legal advice IMHO, which I cannot give you, only emotionally charged advice based on experience which I've given and been chastised for.
  2. Tue me, tue me

    I've done nothing here but offer balanced advice based on my own experiences. I often cross the line you describe but not here, thanks
  3. Tue me, tue me

    Em, unless you've cut the power to the entire flat it's a circuit. Water is a bitch for compromising the integrity of many things, but especially electrics. A decent electrician would recommend you strip out any fitting that's been compromised and replaced in its entirety I'm not trying to scare you, I'm just offering some advice from 15 years of misery of leaks from above
  4. Tue me, tue me

    But this is water coming through their electrics? This is not a letter matter. This is second only to discussing the gas leak while having a fag. I give up, sometimes this place is beyond insane. Obviously I wish no one any harm but writing polite letters is just madness. It doesn't matter if you don't switch the light on or off. The whole thing could be live now. Well, I've said my piece. I hope the scientific brain kicks in.
  5. Tue me, tue me

    Um. OK. Sorry for trying to help.
  6. Tue me, tue me

    I once, stupidly, cut through a wire with a knife because I was repairing the wire to a hedge cutter and forgot to switch it off. I kept the penknife because it melted and blew me six foot across the room and nearly gave me a heart attack. There's a very good reason that very unpleasant people soak you in water before torturing you with a car battery. I can't believe you are suffering this for days.
  7. Tue me, tue me

    Agreed. Demand the water is shut off and it's dealt with immediately Water + electricity is deadly. It's not an inconvenience.
  8. Tue me, tue me

    You need a plumber to check the pipes too. I'm amazed you have to do this by letter. I put the wind up my neighbour by getting the fire brigade around because I told them I'd smash their doors down (they were on holiday) because it's an insane health risk. As an aside if you can hear the spitting of electricity when you flick a light switch you should not be in the property, Em, electricity can jump.
  9. Tue me, tue me

    I think that's where, should I have a problem with it, the problem would lie. I cannot stand my full name. It makes me feel uncomfortable saying it. When I have to say it on the phone or at, say a doctors, I struggle with saying it. Hopefully Andy will have bought the tickets for Supersonic by the end of this week, BTW, so will catch up with you in July, even if you don't come
  10. Tue me, tue me

    And do they pronounce it "toff er" or "toe fer"?
  11. Tue me, tue me

    I had no idea it was a thing. I suppose it's no different than Xander, although I personally think Xander is much more acceptable.
  12. Tue me, tue me

    Scaggy is right. From now on I will insist on my full name Chrysanthemum
  13. Tue me, tue me

  14. Tue me, tue me

    Might ask people to start referring to me as Christ
  15. Tue me, tue me

    I guess I'm just referring to convention. You could actually come up with some really good ones. Bradl Jose Ada Kevi Malco Matth Alexan Susa Penelo