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  1. Golden TUEt

    You worked as a centaur?
  2. Films

    If you cannot use duct tape to climb up a building then I don't want to be part of this world
  3. Golden TUEt

    Best job ever was working in a punk / goth records and clothing shop. Second best was working for a flooring company. Hopefully tomorrow might offer up new pastures
  4. Golden TUEt

    I've offered to give Axl a leg up more than once but here's a Poison video
  5. Golden TUEt

  6. Golden TUEt

    Think your spunk is as good as anyone else
  7. Golden TUEt

    Good of him to keep up the joke afterwards, otherwise it would have been throwaway
  8. Golden TUEt

    I've offered you more than once the opportunity to pitch for a better job, son.
  9. Golden TUEt

    I still have nightmares where I'm expected to fit four pies into a three-pie bag
  10. Golden TUEt

    I don't really think you are opening yourself up to new perspectives
  11. Golden TUEt

    After you finished the job they invited you back?
  12. Golden TUEt

    After that fresh perspective what did you do next?
  13. Golden TUEt

    I kill for a desk point job
  14. Golden TUEt

    Massive clouds here and feels a lot cooler today - rain you bastard!
  15. Golden TUEt