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  1. Wed She Was Good

    Whose hand is around the youngest boy's waist?
  2. Wed She Was Good

    Don't think anyone read the dress code on that one
  3. Wed She Was Good

  4. WORLD CUP THREAD | Hooliganism and homophobia

    The rhyme is a football y'all and I went and threw it *arm flies off record*
  5. WORLD CUP THREAD | Hooliganism and homophobia

    The official song for the last World Cup in Brazil in 2014 was We Are One (Ole Ola) by Pitbull featuring Jennifer Lopez & Claudia Leitte. The 2010 tournament in South Africa had Waka Waka by Shakira. I don't recall either of those. Should I?
  6. Wed She Was Good

    Reasoned argument
  7. Wed She Was Good

    What's tomorrow's emotional forecast?
  8. Wed She Was Good

    Gotta get me one of these: If your emotional forecast is partly cloudy and blocking your inner rays ofsunshine, call on the Lapis Lazuli crystal properties and channel the soothing vibrations of its deep blue color, which inspires images of the ocean, the sky, and the heavens. And when it comes to finding your happy place, these life-giving elements make top destinations for calming the mind and opening the doors to a higher consciousness. The Lapis Lazuli crystal allows you to keep your feet on the ground and your head in the clouds.
  9. Wed She Was Good

  10. Wed She Was Good

    You gotta understand, son, there's a right way and a wrong way
  11. Imagine if you will a duck hunt
  12. Wed She Was Good

    Unfit people see fit people as unattainable and therefore continue to eat the cookie dough*
  13. Wed She Was Good

    I've just hired a proposal manager and then GUBE brings that with a mic drop
  14. Wed She Was Good

    Very wary of going along to anything where they might try and programme you. Went along to a property ownership seminar once and they only just stopped short of locking all the doors and suspect they would have if they could