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  1. The audiobook of that Simon Schama A History of Britain is one I go back to a lot
  2. Kids books normalising mask wearing, they are in on it too!
  3. A bit stressed, they are coming to start work on the flat so I have to get the kids out (I have both today) but nowhere is open and it's a bit cold for park and eating outside. So I think we are going to brave the shopping centre to use the rides to warm up between the two.
  4. Work starting on the flat tomorrow
  5. I get this, also constantly attacking the figurehead of their politics isnt going to warm them to more liberal politics. But it is fun to see him embarrassed
  6. Basically, people who like him are so unbothered by the things that liberals care about. They don't care about tax evasion because they don't believe in taxation
  7. Ages ago I read this column that stuck with me and it was basically that liberal women though that the pussy grabbing thing was this big deal and a huge gotcha, no woman would vote for him now etc (myself included) but there is this huge amount of not very online women for who just think boys will be boys
  8. Which is the central message of feminism, leave it to the men
  9. Yeah, I mean of course, I just didn't have the stats at my finger tips. Sometimes I'm over cautious when making statements because of my academic background.
  10. They think they do! So many reports of cis women being challenged in female spaces. They make cis women feel less safe, they reduce us to our uteruses and they think they are feminists
  11. Also, they've now coopted and conflated the problem of trolling (a serious problem for women online) with transphobia. You don't support JK Rowling (you are pro bullying) or you do (you are transphobic)
  12. By fighting this so hard they are diverting attention from important feminist issues and that pisses me off
  13. Part of the problem with the toilet issue (which is what I'm going to call trans women's right to enter sex segregated spaces), is not understanding risk. So they think any report of a trans woman committing a crime in a sex segregated space is a gotcha, but cis woman also commit crimes in these spaces so a woman is at no greater risk from a trans woman than from cis woman. On the other hand I believe both cis and trans women are at greater risk from cis men in sex segregated spaces so we should definitely avoid them, and definitely not force trans women into risky places with cis men. I
  14. As they are constantly reminded not all cis women can have babies and womanhood does not end with the menopause
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