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  1. Thinks he's setting the scene for some steaming 90s erotic thriller about a hot-shot lawyer who falls for a dangerous, rugged centrist. title: Legal Briefs
  2. Maybe, although I'm sticking with the alien mind in human body explanation.
  3. Buckingham walking like a normal human at 2.08 there.
  4. Collins died during the recording of Tellin' Stories, a couple of tracks are made up of late demos he'd made. I think that brings a certain sadness to the record to be honest. I think that's why it sticks in my mind, that and the fact I did so much acid/mushrooms to it.
  5. There something really off about Lindsey Buckingham, like he's an alien entity who's taken over a human body or something.
  6. Tango has Little Lies, which is one of my favorite songs. I played it on the jukebox at end of year PGL camp and Tina S called me stupid and said this is oldie music and wanted to play bros or something but later she told me in private that she actually like the song and was sorry and did I want a penguin and that's why I don't trust hipsters
  7. There's a potential for a GLAFMAW somewhere but done by Gavin so GLAFMAW.
  8. I liked "Do You Want New Wave or Do You Want the Truth?"
  9. Like any double album this does have some absolute pap on it, punk-funk/jazz work-outs that bands like TRHCP would build a career on. BUT most of it is GOOD and parts of it are SUPERB. 4/5
  10. SFTBC should be Ace Gloy, if it isn't.
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