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  1. Fred Perry has pulled one of its famous polo shirts after it became associated with a neo-fascist organisation. I think you can guess which one.
  2. Oh I agree, but fuck it, we got the luck for once. Can't wait to see Jose interviewed.
  3. Spurs fans be all like DISGUSTING!
  4. Had a look at the chat on twitter, now back to @ratemyplatenow
  5. Chelsea being utterly battered by West Brom.
  6. If asked to explain these things the response tends to be "do some research!"
  7. To reduce the world's population. And put computers in our brains.
  8. I thought you couldn't wait to get home.
  9. On the plus side, he's not on the BBC.
  10. That is too funny. More of it: https://www.jerwoodfvuawards.com/artists/guy-oliver
  11. Burch

    Friday Friday

    Or American, then it's swampy.
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