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  1. Love that PJ album, really attached to a particular time in my life but still listen to it a lot. Today I got Zeo's Nick Drake album from yesterday - it's great but I prefer Bryter Layter tbh.
  2. LOL yeah that is terrible (the cover and the actual music).
  3. That's the most 1983 album cover ever.
  4. The Triffids get lumped in with the Go-Betweens a lot but they're nowhere near that good, 'Wide Open Road' is their big song and it's pretty cheesy.
  5. Loved Funeral at the time, don't enjoy it so much as an album anymore but still really like the singles.
  6. I've got The Prodigy - Get Off My Land today, this album was effectively my Be Here Now experience - massive hype, loved the previous album, thought the first two singles were the best thing ever but was ultimately disappointed with the album (and not just because Crispian from Kula Shaker was on it).
  7. OOooh, that is an all-time favourite, love the electric Miles suff, that gets five Bags' Groove of popcorn from me. #MileDavisJokes
  8. I've got some Vue vouchers I got given for my birthday (couple of weeks before lockdown) that I still haven't used, would quite like to see Tenet but am too paranoid to risk a trip to the pictures.
  9. Tender Prey AKA the one with a photo of Nick and some red and white lettering on the cover. At one point I would’ve said Tender Prey was the album on which Cave got properly good but I have to admit I struggled to enjoy it all on a re-listen. There are some really good songs here – ‘The Mercy Seat’ is undeniable (the dodgy mix actually adds to the drama I reckon) and ‘Mercy’ and ‘Watching Alice’ are two of his best slow ones yet. Stylistically it more or less carries on where YF…MT left off, which is fine. The main problem I have is Nick’s vocals (again) – they’re too loud in the mix and
  10. Bradley's the MP who had to issue an apology to Corbyn isn't he, he's quite dim.
  11. Oh yeah! That means I saw Parasite at the cinema this year, Christ.
  12. That's a point, has there even been any Oscar this year? Lost track.
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