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2015/6 Kit Thread

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Firstly I'd like to say no Shoebox posts allowed.


New kits are being rolled out ahead of the new season, not many available yet but here are some early talking points.



Swansea away: remember when Newcastle had green & blue? Eyesore. This is trendier and the logos are well-incorporated, but not exactly nice. 5/10



West Ham home. Back to the tried-and-tested from last year's all claret boringness. Could do with some additional detailing but a fine effort. 7.5/10



Burnley home; got it so right last year and this year they're floundering. A redeemable shirt but awful from top to bottom. 4/10



WBA away: like the classic logo stitching, and it feels original in its way, but also looks a bit like a 5-a-side kit. 6/10



Oldham Ath home: not a bad effort, a bold inclusion to move to red as secondary colour and one that makes the kit pop a little more. Basic but well-balanced, sure to be well loved in the League 1 fashion stakes. 7/10

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Liverpool 3rd: you're fooling noone with that sleeve detail. 6/10



Spurs home: not sure about the sash as a thing, you either have one all the time or you don't, Johnny Come Lately, it's not bad though and Zeo looks great. 7/10



Bayern home: they've drapped the blue and added Bordeaux red, I think it's not a bad shout actually if a little plain. 6.5/10



Wolves home: aside from the drooping collar, a classy effort from Wolves. 8/10



Swindon home: classic Austrian 80s styling from Swindon, who also welcomingly endorse alternative sexual practices. 7/10



Barcelona away: it's nice until they turn around. 6/10

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Not normally a fan of sashes, but I think that Spurs kit looks pretty smart.

I do feel sorry for Wham, Burnley and Villa. You're never gonna make claret as and blue look good.

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You know what? That unveiling of Arsenal's new kit the other day was over the top and pointless. Just email the deets to everyone, eh Arsenal? 


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Newcastle home: hound dog! 1/10

Newcastle wore that on the final day last season didn't they? Remember it looking like there were three teams running around on the pitch, should be banned.

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