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On 21/06/2018 at 8:58 PM, slavestate said:

but there was one thing that was so utterly stupid that it made me a little bit angry.  They're looking to sell the rescued dinosaurs and they're hoping to get $4m for each one if all goes well.  18 dinos at $4m a pop, that's not even $100m, that's not even what the fucking film cost to make!  as you may know i work in roads, i'm a road man, you know what $4m would get you, it would get you about a kilometre of motorway, you couldn't even build a roundabout on an A road for $4m.  the cost of the genetic research and facilities alone must have been billions and billions, not to mention this military style mission to capture and contain the dinosaurs.  The money they make on the auction wouldn't even begin to make a tiny dent in the capital outlay of the whole project, and i don't see any reason whatsoever why the numbers they're throwing around are so insignificant.

been thinking about this (too much!) and I'm growing more and more convinced that it was a reference to Dr Evil.

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