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  1. Iiiit's Friday, Friday, getting booted Friday

    *does Stuart McCall run out of thread*
  2. Iiiit's Friday, Friday, getting booted Friday

    Bit like your man from free solo, you don't tell anyone you're doing it unless it's el cap, what is the el cap of piano grades?

    my dad tried to show me how to use a phone charger last week, "it goes in this way with the symbol facing up" my mum: "HE KNOWS HOW TO USE A PHONE CHARGER!" dad takes the huff
  4. TV

    Just watched Free Solo, gonna stick my neck on the line and say the greatest physical achievement by a human ever, agree or disagree?
  5. The election day non-election thread

    Lol at the exaggerated run at 1.33
  6. Ace Rvnning Clvb: Like the whippets thread but for running

    first ever 7.5k, touch my sweaty ballsack with your sweaty ballsack!
  7. quarta-feira

  8. quarta-feira

    she's really milking that
  9. quarta-feira

    oh yeah, seen Possession, can't remember anything about it though emilyangst, is Kev celebrating world goth day today?
  10. EURO ELECTION 2019

    Amy Beth Dallamura to Ted's left
  11. EURO ELECTION 2019

    Alliance & Greens manish
  12. quarta-feira

    wonder what the guinness world record for suicide attempts is
  13. quarta-feira

    that would be a good catchphrase for the politicians every time they're confronted by a nutter
  14. Ace Rvnning Clvb: Like the whippets thread but for running

    don't think there's a bookies, there's a boozer over the other side of the tracks and another one opposite the kings hall