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  1. Twitter ye not - (or Tweet allergy (or CLFC)) + #INSTA

    Literally the thing that irks me most when I’m at demos is people saying ‘gerra job’ I can’t figure out if people say it because they know it’s likely to annoy or because they can’t fathom that anyone with a job would give us their spare time for something they believe in.
  2. WED you're smiling.

  3. WED you're smiling.

    What over?
  4. WED you're smiling.

    I was watching on my own too!
  5. Tueing the day you were born

    Evening. Had a reasonable day in work doing fairly little- I’m here, I have some jobs but no way of really doing them as I have no laptop. Had dinner and think I’m going to watch C4 news then bake off and get an early night. I honestly don’t think this thread is as bad as everyone says.
  6. Monder Milkwood

    Well yeah! But it’s not straightforward. I have dealt with/ been involved in lots of cases like this but it’s not helping much. They would have to demonstrate the tweets brought the company into disrepute (I think that an unreasonable suggestion but one which will be made I’m sure) or that they compromise her ability to perform her role which they would likely have to quantify. If they can quantify it they would be fine I guess. The decision will ultimately be made by the public I guess but from a pure HR point of view I can’t stand the idea that an employer offering low pay, ‘flexible contracts’ and minimal benefits feels they have the right to limit an employees expression. The tweets are vile- no doubt but nobody thinks big companies don’t employ racists do they?
  7. Monder Milkwood

    Well, of course the can but like, not legally?
  8. Monder Milkwood

    Surely they can’t do that?
  9. Monder Milkwood

    Copy that.
  10. Monder Milkwood

    Add a touch of lime and a drop of sweetener like maple syrup and you’re there.
  11. Monder Milkwood

    Haha, of course it is! It’s the literal ash of veggies. RP’s are shellac coated.
  12. Monder Milkwood

    I hate hate hate that so much peanut butter has sugar in it, so wrong.
  13. Monder Milkwood

    Can you confirm for me where the correct setting for racism is pls?
  14. Monder Milkwood

    I wish! My fact of the week is that a bag of them contains more potassium than a banana. Big banana has conned us all
  15. Monder Milkwood

    Ugh. I feel old. now I’m furiously trying to find a place to buy vegan peanut butter M&M style sweets online.