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  1. Baby it's cold inside

    I cancelled prime but reinstated because I need that delivery if my family are to get Xmas gifts
  2. Baby it's cold inside

    £15 quid for that? He was trying to mug you all off
  3. Baby it's cold inside

    Hello! It’s definately Christmas now isn’t it? stumpy what is a weave dog? went to a wreath making class today with mummy and made a lovely wreath then went out for a drive and some dinner with a friend. Nice day I think.
  4. Longreads

    Don’t think it’s insane in retail, but for that square footage it’s probably the highest. 80k is within what big retailers pay big store managers
  5. The FRIght Profile

    It’s pies, like it says, pie in a tin. We used to have them all the time when I was younger when we went away in the caravan. The only time we would eat tinned spuds and carrots too.
  6. The FRIght Profile

    Nope, one tea calendar, one chocolate truffle and a candy kittens one.
  7. The FRIght Profile

    I have 3 advent calendars. I bought them because it was supposed to be a comfort to me when I was away at Xmas but......now I’m here
  8. The May After Yesterday

    Still don’t actually understand what’s really going on with the negotiations but I don’t think I have the energy to catch up on what I’ve missed at this stage. I know the whole thing is a shit show and that’s seems to be enough
  9. A May-t With Destiny (Wed)

    Oh god Nigel just fuck off.
  10. Tues your destiny

    Reasonable first day at home, despite waking up several times in the night not knowing where I was. About to watch the ballad of Buster Scruggs on Netflix, anyone seen it?
  11. Tues your destiny

    Wow! That’s quite a list. inreally want to move to Norway but really don’t think I could stomach the high cost of living and I really don’t earn enough money
  12. Tues your destiny

    On the NHS thing I mean. Babies are rubbish
  13. Tues your destiny

    Congratulations!! X
  14. Monday Countdown

    I’m home Acers! I don’t know anything about brexit or harry redknapp, I have so much to catch up on
  15. weeeekeeeeeeeend! weekend destroy!

    In Stavanger at the end of a beautiful Norway northern lights trip. Two days til leave, might have to crawl down the gangway, I’m exhausted. Looking forward to getting into the Xmas spirit