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  1. Friday

    They really are not that bad!
  2. Friday

    I was going to say the same thing
  3. Friday

    I would!!! The issue would have it finding anyone who would go with me.
  4. Friday

    What I should have said is I’m trying to pay off my mortgage in the next 3 years.
  5. Friday

    Don’t think I’ve ever spent 140 on a pair of shoes or actually any clothing item for that matter.
  6. Friday

    I know! And it’s bonus month this month too!! You’d be amazed how easy it is to spend that kind of money even in my circumstances. Maybe one day you’ll find out x
  7. Friday

    Just checked them out and they look lovely but sadly not veeeeeeg. Did find another website which lists all brands and their vegan status though whilst googling Hokas so might explore that. I’ll go with the Merrell even though they are pricey my walking boots are from there and I like those.
  8. Friday

    Are you following me??
  9. Friday

    Not so much running but use in the gym for walking and x training and all that shite so I don’t think bad quality will cause bad injuries like it might if I were actually running but the ones I like are 140 and that hurts a bit
  10. Friday

    Trying to find decent trainers free from animal products and at a reasonable price. What does a everyone think is a reasonable price for trainers (intended for indoor use mostly)? Im worried I might be being cheap.
  11. Friday

    He LOVES sausages!
  12. Friday

  13. Friday

  14. Friday

    I’m confused, you think the Sade song parodied in smoother vibrator is no ordinary love? Are you doing a thing? I can’t tell
  15. Friday

    Morning, listening to the latest Robyn album to get me going for the day. Easily my fave album of last year which is a bit of a surprise as it’s not my usual thing. cleaning, tidying and doing laundry and taking my folks out for dinner tonight. Will put part 2 of the mj thing whilst I do chores. tomorrow off to Manchester for vegan junk food, Martin parr and a vegan cocktail bar. sunday I’m driving back doe Southampton to start another 3 months of work.