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  1. Greetings from Iceland where the sun isn’t setting, there are loads of whales and we drove past a massive iceberg at 4:30 am. Really not feeling great or enjoying work and am having multiple migraines so I’ve taken to napping in the afternoon now
  2. Blues and Tues

    Hi Ace, driving round in circles in the fjords because it was too windy to go where we wanted to go it’s a bit tense onboard so I’m having a nap.
  3. Sattie Jacques

    Hi Acers, I’m back in he UK today and the ship is busy getting rid of previous guests and welcoming new ones. I’ve just met the man from ocado and now have a fridge full of vegan nom and an aero press which I’m about to use for the 1st time- this makes me happier than most people would understand. last cruise:Norway- ace; next cruise: Norway and Iceland with a day in Dublin on the return- have some exciting plans for this one, just have to hope they come off and I’ll be kayaking in a fjord and swimming in the blue lagoon before I know it. current reading- Christina patterson’s The art of not falling apart which i chose because it’s featuring at EOTR, am reading with a friend who is also going. Not my usual type of book and I think it feels a bit fractured and there is a lack of elegance in the writing which I guess you’d excpect from most journalists but it’s an easy read and enjoyable. Also reading the story of John Nightly - only about 80 pages into this monster of a book where every character is called John and excited to see where it goes. It’s a novel which was crowd funded on ‘Unbound’ and will also feature at EOTR on literature stage. Listening- various fleetwood Mac. That’s is, that’s my whole life.
  4. wed in doubt call 999

  5. wed in doubt call 999

    Would love a job with this much leave! At my last place I was on 25+ bank hols and you could buy leave which was great but it’s somehow never enough is it?
  6. The Working Week - Pt2: Doomsday

    Evening, having an hour in bed to ready before heading to the big party, looking at the fjords fly by the window
  7. The Working Week - Pt2: Doomsday

    Like Kat Von D?
  8. The Working Week - Pt2: Doomsday

    Really am going back to work now- I have to change the world today and I only have about 3 hours left to do it then it’s time to #partyforthePinoy
  9. The Working Week - Pt2: Doomsday

    I do that all the time! i do deny the conflation (phrasing accepted) and think that most are discerning enough to do the same if they want to engage with the subject fully. Slag away.
  10. The Working Week - Pt2: Doomsday

    FWIW my vegan make up groups are full of people asking for dupes of her stuff because they don’t agree with her stance.
  11. The Working Week - Pt2: Doomsday

    I quite like a bit of Rich Roll. I could have the nutrition discussion but it’s sort of irrelevant so I never bother it tires me out.
  12. The Working Week - Pt2: Doomsday

    This is bringing back bad memories of me allegedly invoking ‘godwins law’ on Facebook. Still having nightmares.
  13. The Working Week - Pt2: Doomsday

    Only to someone who is looking for yet another reason to pick apart people whose beliefs interfere with their enjoyment of their harmful habits. Most people understand that she isn’t a spokesperson for all vegans- like i said, anyone using her statement to judge all vegans might as well apply the same logic to women having midwife lead births- it makes about as much sense. i also don’t understand why vegans would be looking after their reputation- for me ( ready for the bollocks?) it’s a radical political stance and lots and lots of people hate it ans I understand why. I get some support from friends and family etc but I also put up with shit frequently for it. I don’t care because I’m not about a reputation- what would that even mean? It’s not some weird herd identity. Even the concept drives me a bit bonkers tbh.
  14. The Working Week - Pt2: Doomsday

    Kat Von D some awful person who got famous on Miami ink and now designs make up and other stuff
  15. The Working Week - Pt2: Doomsday

    Can not get my shit together- it’s time for me to go back to work!