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  1. Hump Day, my Sugar Lump Day, My Lovely

    Yeah, I think I'm also starting to feel a bit crazy because I've only really left the house to see doctors for the past 12 days thanks to the girls having this virus consecutively. Hopefully by Friday everyone will be fit and well again.
  2. Hump Day, my Sugar Lump Day, My Lovely

    So tired after yesterday but I think after a horrible, feverish night, it may have finally broken. No plans for today obviously, thinking of writing my post about Post but I might just stare into the void. Yesterday was just distressing, there were no observation beds available so poorly babies (mine included) just piled up in the waiting room and corridors. Fuck the Tories.
  3. Tue Me, Tue You

    Yeah. A more senior doctor looked at her and said the dehydration wasn't serious and got us forcing water into her mouth with a syringe until she did a wee. Now just in an endless wait for review and discharge
  4. Tue Me, Tue You

    Yeah, that's been her only way to get her temperature down. Back off to the hospital now. My sister in law is a paediatric cardiologist and has said from photos it's not the really serious thing (Kawasaki) but really concerned about dehydration. Just a Minute is playing in the taxi and I can't think of anything more soothing at this moment. There's something about gentle radio 4 comedy that just soothes my brain.
  5. Tue Me, Tue You

    It's probably fine, I'm not super worried. It just horrible to see her so poorly
  6. Tue Me, Tue You

    Back home with the baby, probably a virus but potentially something worse(that they won't test for until the fever has lasted 7 days) so have to keep a close eye on it. Not exactly reassured but keeping her Calpoled up and trying to get fluids in her
  7. Tue Me, Tue You

    It shows the world that at least we're not all racist imbeciles
  8. Podcasts

    Slow Burn series 3 was really good (Tupac and Biggie) if you haven't already listened
  9. Tue Me, Tue You

    I thought we were all sending Boris Johnson pieces of card that say STOP BREXIT and that was going to do it?
  10. Tue Me, Tue You

    That soon?
  11. Tue Me, Tue You

    At a+e with the baby. Her fever won't come down

    These polls make me really dislike this board. The fact that you do it over and over again is just bullying. The people who allow him to derail the board are the people who complain most about it.
  13. what's on?

    After its all gone through?
  14. what's on?

    Baby still poorly so just in bed cuddling her. After tidying the flat and meal planning like the best little house (flat) wife.
  15. Thread

    I didn't say that. I think it's okay to acknowledge what he did and still think its sad that he and his family died