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  1. Burch

    Well done fella you finally got it. THE GAME IS OVER
  2. Burch

    Good article there STUMPO. The world is going to HELL in a handcart! This is why I'm living in a third world country. No bitcoins aand uber for us! HAHAHAHA!
  3. Burch

    Yes, Z I have an iphone 5s (I think) registered in a false name (Dave Clemence, natch) with no internet banking and tracking services switched OFF! They can't get old SP{ARKLE>>>>>>>>>
  4. Burch

    It's TRUE. I am a COMPLETE TWAT! I never said it was millions did I eh? People on the internet make up all kinds of things tho don't they eh? Some people even pretend to be MAD! Some people even pretend to be other people that are pretending to be MAD!
  5. Burch

    I refuse to use either. I don't want the cunts at Coutts or anyone else knowing what I'm up to.
  6. Burch

  7. Burch

    It's another move towards a cashless society isn't it old chap. And we all know the arguments against that I'm sure. I'm pretty old skool anyway. I prefer the option of putting an extra 1,000 THB in the payment beaker at the end of the night and taking my barmaid back for a relentless rodgering if I'm still capable after 18 bottles of CHANG that is.
  8. In today's news I see that the lad from GAY TIMES has been sacked for being a bit of a naughty cunny (retrospectively,natch). A lot of strange LGBT banter that I can't get a handle on. Tbh i find it a little galling when they say LGBT and not LGBT+ thereby leaving out all the various other wonderful peeps. I think the INTERSEX are my favourites tho. And let's face it if anyone tells them to "go fuck themselves" they've got a stunning riposte!
  9. Burch

    Constructing a fantastic portrait of you on my hotel wall using only human feaces and kiwi fruit.
  10. Burch

    Ps can’t find a Greggs yet but currently forming a new slightly left of centre coalition with judi dench
  11. Burch

    Just made it into Laos m9. Hope ur ok my dear friend. 27p an hour for massage services here but can’t find a copy of the daily mail Alll the best SAS3
  12. Halloween Thursday

  13. Halloween Thursday

    Try not to kill your parents/carer.
  14. Halloween Thursday

    Why don't you just go for a lie down?
  15. Halloween Thursday

    Don't post here then you fucking idiot.