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  1. That Was The Weekend That Was

    Well. They were fun, but no one danced except me and my girlfriend. No movement from a half full Wedgwood rooms. Also the singer shoved his arse in the photographer's face, this was after Stew Lee has told her to stop photographing during his set. Their female drummer was great though, it was all about her.
  2. That Was The Weekend That Was

    Gig last night was pretty great, Stew Lee walked right past me at one point! He is very short (about 5'7, the average angst height) and round and had a white beard. My mate that I went with didn't know who he was! She was absolutely pissing herself at his set (standard forth wall breaking, insulting the audience, laboured points, but I quite liked it!). She is 29 and not bored of life. Everything is so new to her! It was lovely to watch. Think this might be why people get younger girlfriends.
  3. That Was The Weekend That Was

    Spontaneous night out to see the Nightingales. Stuart Lee supporting (ugh) but a mate's band is second support.
  4. That Was The Weekend That Was

    Just was brave and walked right past Fratton park at 65 mins. Exciting! Loads of people leaving cos the weather is shit.
  5. That Was The Weekend That Was

    Ah man, we almost went to see them once, but it was in Gosport and I for one was a bit nervous about spending my Saturday night in Gosport, so we didn't go.
  6. That Was The Weekend That Was

    We haven't left the bloody house today! Wanda refuses to put her shoes on. I had plans, so many plans. Watched the first two episodes of Killing Eve last night, which is so good.
  7. Monder Milkwood

    Thanks for this honey, lots to take in, but bloody hell, three of her kids died under tragic circumstances, that is just careless.
  8. FRI - A Day Of BIG Drops

    Last day of freedom/unemployment (weekends don't count, I have to parent) so I'm sorting some paperwork, sorting some clothes, trying to get everything in order in time for Monday.
  9. FRI - A Day Of BIG Drops

  10. FRI - A Day Of BIG Drops

    He finished with 'Your Song' at Bestival. It says here.
  11. FRI - A Day Of BIG Drops

    I've seen Elton John, he headlined Bestival a few years ago. I loved it, love a bit of Elton, he did all the hits and I think he had some special guests although it was a few years ago now and I can't remember who.
  12. FRI - A Day Of BIG Drops

    I'm going to see Garbage tomorrow night. Dream wife are supporting, should be a good gig.
  13. No pun Thurs

    Oh my fucking god.
  14. No pun Thurs

    Oh come on, we know you, you're not a bitch.
  15. No pun Thurs

    Bubs I will legit take you to the rockstone, not next week, but the week after.