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  1. I like Pantera, but not the dodgy politics! Sometimes when I want to feel sad I read about Dimebag's death again.
  2. Anyway, had a bloody good night, ate way too many samosas.
  3. And we only know about six songs.
  4. It was an open mic run by our friends who run a healthfood shop and sell vegan food. Anyone can play, although we were given free vegan curry (perhaps as a test?).
  5. Not sure if you're serious now.
  6. Her dog almost bit my mate too! It went on stage with her and kept getting tangled in the wires.
  7. Pretty close! It was kind of stream of consciousness 'People ask if it's hard to be a vegan, and it is very hard, I don't understand how people can be complicit with suffering because of their tastebuds, I love my dog and I also love sheep'
  8. And we had to follow a 'vegan short story' which was all about veganism, it was a vegan open mic, after all.
  9. It was quite good, we did four songs, All Saints, a Lady Gaga song called Million Reasons, Skater Boy and (Hit me baby) One more time. Halfway through the first song this total lostit walks in from the street, walks right up in front of us, pulled up a chair and sat down, watching intently. When we finish All Saints he asks if it was Faithless. Then when we start our second song he leaves, LITERALLY clutching his ears. The bar owner told us he's signed up for next month! He just needs his guitar...and his piano!
  10. I played a vegan open mic last night!
  11. The Longest Thursday

    I was thinking about the Harlem shake the other day, one of my favourite internet trends.
  12. Blues and Tues

    Oh shit, how do we get on the line up.
  13. Blues and Tues

    Being better than people
  14. Blues and Tues

    I've given up with my swimming group, just think they're really basic, the guys go for lads beers, the girls go for ladies cocktails. I was going to say I don't think I'm better than them, but I do. One of them went to see Ed Sheeran the other night. 'Goosebumps' apparently.