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  1. Thursdale ➕

    Actually need to get a babysitter. Think the special guests are Ocean Colour Scene btw
  2. Thursdale ➕

    I'm obviously already going to that, love that it starts at 5 in the early evening too.
  3. Thursdale ➕

    The pair, wearing bright yellow jumpers, got to go "wild in the aisles" (one of Dale's famous catchphrases on the show)
  4. Thursdale ➕

    http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-43823922 Kal Sajad was a contestant on the show when it returned in 2007, telling the BBC that Dale was "full of life". "we were told to say 'Dale' after each sentence, which we were more than happy to do." Absolutely cracking me up, for some reason.
  5. Thursdale ➕

    and it feels like a cuddle.
  6. Thursdale ➕

    It only really becomes apposite when carrying large amounts of kit, not just your iPad or generic e-reading device.
  7. Thursdale ➕

    LOVE a waist strap too
  8. Thursdale ➕

    ALWAYS wear both straps on a back pack, get my money's worth.
  9. Thursdale ➕

    One chalet we had didn't have a shower, and we had to get a late coming member of our group to bring a bucket and jug.
  10. Thursdale ➕

    Did three AtPs? No, did two in one month once, so maybe four? First one was terrible, I almost died, did miaow miaow with a load of brummie teachers (they were teachers, so I thought they were safe) spent about a week coming down. Also MBV stole my hearing. Second one we were staying in a chalet with great mates! Really great mates! What could go wrong, oh wait one of them is Pete's ex girlfriend and she's mental and hates us now! Also it's Fucking Sun Ra Arkestra/jazz Sunday. Had a horrible time. Two in a row - Umm Shellac? Maybe. De La Soul. Oh, umm, it'll come to me. It'll come. Nah it's gone, but they were great. Zaireeka and Dismemberment Plan. Best bit was staying in Hythe for the week in between and going to Dungeness. And someone gave me a really good tip for slow cooking. TV on the Radio!
  11. wedlock holiday

    Fucking hell though! He toppled off mid-dance.
  12. wedlock holiday

    I always treat Uni's food things as like the clothes thing in American Psycho. Just playful nonsense.
  13. You can't tuena fish

    Oh hey, those are my scientists!
  14. You can't tuena fish

    That was rubbish.
  15. Mon in the Sun

    Shouldn't that be cloine shoes? (can't do the voice)