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  1. LIT

    I do think there's an establishment with this place which basically has one rule for one and one for another. Uni, GUBE, Slavestate and Olly, just to pick a few at random have pretty much systematically removed Axl from here over time just because they wanted to keep it cliquey and didn't like his posts. Yeah you can say he didn't help himself and was a bit of a penus at times, and that's probably true, but that was essentially how it was. I think it's pretty shitty. Not sure why I didn't boycott the place over it really. Cowardly I guess. So I'll do it now.
  2. LIT

    I'm sure I remember reading it was about bringing family members in to it or something. Burch wanting Uni's wife and kid dead or something (don't know if he said that tbh). We talk about Randy's mum all the time though.
  3. LIT

    I'd like to have Univers banned for generally being a bit of a twat if possible please.
  4. LIT

    Boutros Boutros Ghali Boutros Boutros Ghali.
  5. LIT

    Any chance of a Partridge shrug icon for posts we're indifferent about?
  6. LIT

    I'm not happy with the wording of this either. 'Gave reputation'!?. Sounds rubbish.
  7. LIT

  8. LIT

    Don't know what you mean.
  9. LIT

    Ok, currently, I can do as many upvotes as I want but I'm restricted to one downvote (unless Uni has blocked me from downvoting his posts - because they're the ones I've downvoted to be honest). Same results for both IE and Chrome.
  10. LIT

    Red arrow for this.
  11. LIT

    I've just done three up green arrows on the spin. I couldn't earlier. It's absolutely all over the place!
  12. LIT

    If you could.
  13. LIT

    Did get stale though didn't it. Come on, you don't have to be permanently riding his d.
  14. LIT

    Are they introducing a third character or anything in to The Trip? Not sure I can hack another full series of Coogan and Brydon. Got a bit bored during the last one.
  15. LIT

    I did earlier you cunt. The Mark E Smith morphing in to Stephen Hawking comment.