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  1. Tueday is your day bro

    The fox will lie down with the crow and a little child will lead them.
  2. Tueday is your day bro

    why do they all spell it Kahn?
  3. Tueday is your day bro

    North Korean ballistic missiles?
  4. Tueday is your day bro

    true true i watch Schitt's Creek like that; in the background while i do work and occasionally I'll hear a funny line, it's not bad actually, fish out of water story, usual thing.
  5. Tueday is your day bro

    haha it's like my favourite 'militantly unaware of [their] surroundings' which i use in my life.
  6. Tueday is your day bro

    basically what Ann Coulter said
  7. Tueday is your day bro

    I still hope it's bad enough so he never works again, that Master of None is dreadful and maybe Netflix can use the money to buy Nirvana The Band or something that's good.
  8. Tueday is your day bro

    yeah yeah people comparing it to Cat Person.
  9. read a lot of good things about them lot, nothing better than new shoes, did you smell them?
  10. Philip Seymour Hoffmonday

    Anyone know what she died of? Spent ages this morning finding out what did Cyril Regis in, why don't they tell you!
  11. Philip Seymour Hoffmonday

    My mudder, my mudder she'd hold me My fadder, my fadder he liked me
  12. Philip Seymour Hoffmonday

    can't remember when I last ate any processed meat, it's not a thing with us lot.. anywayyyyyyyy ENJOY YOUR CANCERS
  13. Philip Seymour Hoffmonday

    I know this one. They use haricot peas for mushy peas, special type plus it's FULL of sugar.
  14. Philip Seymour Hoffmonday

    500g peas, 78p, you put that in a soup machine and baby you got a soup!
  15. Philip Seymour Hoffmonday

    that was my default option but I thought it'd be criminal to blend it all up & lose the essence of what they were before they died.