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    Thank you all I read your replies

    Worst bit... one of the worst bits is losing all power because of the section order, they did it because they thought he'd harm his younger brother but he never would and now we can't have him discharged for homecare which is what we want.

    Is this the daily thread? Literally don't know what day it is. Kid A was sectioned on Oct 13 after a particularly bad episode of psychosis and there were no places in London he's in a secure hospital here in Norfolk so me & Mrs A have been living here since then. Bad times man. Seen some scary horrible stuff. It's really cold here.
  4. I Want To Get Away I Want To FRI Away

    oh reminds me, watched Nigella last night, she did kofta (really just minced lamb with some spices) with a garlic dip (really just yoghurt with garlic) / picked onion (really JUST onion in vinegar) and flatbread looked amazing and I'm going to attempt it.
  5. Films

    haha means that even the trailer editor was 'what da FUQ am I meant to do with this SHIT'
  6. I Want To Get Away I Want To FRI Away

    probably maths as a whole plotting the stars nah only fuckin about it's Pringles.
  7. I Want To Get Away I Want To FRI Away

    can someone pls confirm if I'm VINDICATED?
  8. Films

    Honest to God, the sheer gap from the expectation raised from the point of the teaser poster Remember the teaser poster? I remember where I was when I saw it which was at my last job, remember how excited everyone was? studying all the detail and then someone noticed the shadow. so between THAT and the actuality is so immense, so horrific in all aspects, it is nothing short of trolling.
  9. I Want To Get Away I Want To FRI Away

    oh! oh right.
  10. I Want To Get Away I Want To FRI Away

    oh gawd First Man looks SOOOOOOOO boring, i mean it's a biopic right? about Armstrong? so you know what happens? not like he meets aliens.
  11. Films

    can't even remember him having a speaking part! thought he just swished about with his broken lightsaber.
  12. I Want To Get Away I Want To FRI Away

    I've ALSO done loads (note the gap in my posts) really done loads, brain is tired now also I feel really bloated like time of the month thing.
  13. Films

    FACT BOMB: Peter Serafinowicks does the voice can't remember what for though
  14. I Want To Get Away I Want To FRI Away

    I read that dark modes are there to save energy! Makes sense really if the pixels are black I used to think it was just to prevent eye strain or because it looked "cool".
  15. I Want To Get Away I Want To FRI Away

    hahah that lifeboat programme I watched had a bit set in Shetlands and they speak... imagine you're basically taking the piss out of people who speak English, it's exactly that.