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  1. Weekend thread!

    Super confusing article! So many owners.
  2. Weekend thread!

    Honestly you're wasted on him I imagine.
  3. Weekend thread!

    Keep doing a weird laugh thinking about this.
  4. Weekend thread!

    Still, good news about the guy who can go and get his missing shoe now
  5. Weekend thread!

    Went to uni with a guy from Gravesend and he was always going on about what a shithole it was. Also speaks a bit about my "uni".
  6. Weekend thread!

    Hah i like how he punctuates 'nearly died' with his first.
  7. Weekend thread!

    Would have been soooo easy to drive into them but I didn't.
  8. Weekend thread!

    Drove past huge queues of people getting into some rubbish normal suburban pubs here last night in the freezing cold. Total commitment to the St Paddy cause.
  9. Weekend thread!

    How about waiting for my review before jumping to conclusions.
  10. Weekend thread!

    When I read that Gravesend headline I thought a guy drove a car into a club like someone rode a horse into a club a few weeks ago. Anyway, turns out not to be terrorism which is upsetting a lot of whites.
  11. Weekend thread!

    Can Slaveo do us all a favour and stick to unlistenable Germans banging a pipe with a hammer industrial noise reccos in future.
  12. Films

    Annihilation, very easy to watch didn't even have to get out of bed. 10/5 for convenience.
  13. Weekend thread!

    Forgot she's all about Not Going Out! The woman in it looks absolutely WRECKED what happened to her!
  14. Weekend thread!

    Don't listen to ANYONE on here about comedy. This to lurker.
  15. Weekend thread!

    I'm in THE RED ZONE