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  1. Golden TUEt

    Heh, yeah that bit was quite funny really.
  2. Golden TUEt

    Christ... "Bit of a bizarre situation really, but y'know, never mind" http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-suffolk-44859082
  3. Films

    There was a big thing I read a while ago about bad use of CGI, that backs all that up tbf. Like giant metal terminator robots bouncing like rag dolls as they fall of lorries and stuff. So sense of heft. No sense of physical impact. No beef.
  4. Films

    It's a shame more films aren't realistic. I love the intrigue of a realistic film. The fascination of watching procedures being followed correctly. The thrill of tried and tested systems containing a fire safely and preventing an explosion.
  5. Airport DAY

    How do you even do that without nicking?
  6. Films

    I know, right?
  7. Films

  8. There was a thing, not sure if it was posted here, but it was a thing about how he believes that all transactions and negotiations have to have a winner and a loser because that's how he's always operated his businesses and how this is how he is approaching all international negotiations and diplomacy, because he is physically incapable of conprehending the notion of a mutually beneficial relationship or compromise.
  9. Films

    It's a cartoon film about superheroes and you're coming to me asking about how realistic it is. No wonder you hate films.
  10. Films

    Most of the funny bits involved Jack Jack tbf
  11. Films

    Increbidles 2 7/10 - very funny.
  12. 2018 FIFA World Cup | Hooliganism & Homophobia

    Mate, Mexico have made it to and gone out in the second round at every World Cup for 24 years. I cannot think of anything more expected.
  13. Airport DAY

    Nearly all (maybe even all?) the food and drink places at LAX are landside. Certainly were at the bit I went to. Absolute shitbrain design.