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  1. Wed She Was Good

    Lol, Nigeria and Rich Coast.
  2. Wed She Was Good

    Taking a punt, are our pre-tourno friendlies against Ecuador, Algeria and the Netherlands?
  3. Wed She Was Good

    I absolutely love the geographical nearness friendlies.
  4. Wed She Was Good

    What about for people who don't recognise the CL?
  5. Wed She Was Good

    Loooool, literally the only like you've dished out to me is a post where I have a go at you for being the fun police. Speaking of which, should we be doing flags now? I feel like we should be doing flags by now.
  6. Tues Better? Tues Best?

    Wrong thread, but it'll do.
  7. Tues Better? Tues Best?

    Me and three other bald fellas with glasses just walked down the stairs all in a line. It was like a Harry Hill convention.
  8. WORLD CUP THREAD | Hooliganism and homophobia

    Nor was Olly's objection to it.
  9. WORLD CUP THREAD | Hooliganism and homophobia

    Was Olly and I don't think the choice of song was to do with the number.
  10. WORLD CUP THREAD | Hooliganism and homophobia

    Haha, I was reading that back and at one point I thought, just by the sheer magnitude of our goggly amazement that it must have been like, 6 by that point. Turns out it was only 3, like you guys ain't seen nothing yet!
  11. Wed She Was Good

  12. Thread For The Beautiful Game

    It will keep happening all season.
  13. TV

    Yep, defo cranked up a notch.
  14. Wed She Was Good

    I shave my face once a month to six weeks, not a wet shave, just run the clippers over it on a zero. Do my head once a fortnight, clippers on a zero. #shaving