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  1. Foggy Friday

    Sorry Randy, I take that back. I was just trying to take the heat off me after my poorly constructed sentence.
  2. Foggy Friday

    I mean I hope you are doing okay even if you're aren't seeing this, but... well you know what I mean. Fuck off, Randy.
  3. Foggy Friday

    Yes, I do worry about all that. Nesi, hope you're all doing okay if you're seeing this and don't want to post at the moment.
  4. Films

    Zaireeka hates everything though.
  5. Foggy Friday

    Puts me on edge?
  6. Foggy Friday

    It makes me on edge because that swimmer's stroke is gonna make him clatter into the wall if he's not paying attention.
  7. Foggy Friday

    Stirring. Inspiring. Really makes you think.
  8. Foggy Friday

    Except perhaps a vague desire to go on holiday.
  9. Foggy Friday

    I get absolutely nothing out of that painting.
  10. Foggy Friday

    The fucking state of Gove. Reportedly instrumental in getting the cabinet to agree this deal, and now seeing the Theresa May ship sinking is about to dive into the long grass so he's not tainted by association to May. They're all dispicable fucking cunts in every possible way.
  11. Current Gaming

    Good luck, Braille. Listen to Scaggy's sage advice - that dude's solid.
  12. Thurs Of Tha Month

    I did subtly drop a Brexit gag in, which a few people picked up on. Talking about a bit where people had to move around the room and said "it might get a bit chaotic" and then quickly added as a total offhand aside, "though that's a bit of a theme today apparently". I nearly said shambolic instead of chaotic but there were politicians in attendance.
  13. Thurs Of Tha Month

    I was compering an event with 120 staff attending that I also helped organise. Quite a lot of fun actually, but fockin knackering.
  14. Thurs Of Tha Month

    I got a small round of applause today. That doesn't happen very often. Bloody love getting a round of applause I do.

    My mum had a job, my dad had two jobs. But we also had two cars (Austin Maxi, Austin Metro).