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  1. Good point hacktually, after multiplying they were quite unruly rapscallions and iirc changed the time on the alarm clock so that they could be fed after midnight what a bunch of dicks.
  2. That's what I thought.
  3. Peak this weekend coming I heard this morning.
  4. Getting them wet isn't the main problem, it's feeding them after midnight.
  5. *** TUMBLEWEED *** (monday)

    Have included in the guidance that people are only allowed to buy the Guardian on account of the type of paper on which the other publications print contain chemicals that allow Coronas and COVIDS to multiply.
  6. *** TUMBLEWEED *** (monday)

    I've changed it to "ask if there are any brands they prefer but explain you might not be able to get their preference."
  7. *** TUMBLEWEED *** (monday)

    I'm just getting to the payments section. Looking forward to "for example check if they want to pay with a postal order instead of a banker's draft".
  8. *** TUMBLEWEED *** (monday)

    I've just deleted the example in its entirety.
  9. *** TUMBLEWEED *** (monday)

  10. *** TUMBLEWEED *** (monday)

    Editing a guide for volunteers who are doing community COVID stuff. There's a bit on shopping for someone and there's a bullet point about preferred brands and if they're happy to accept substitutes. Now I'm not a fan of baked beans, but I'm pretty sure namechecking Crosse and Blackwells in this example instead of Heinz is just pointless contraryism, right....? "For example, check if they'd be happy with the supermarket's own brand baked beans if Crosse and Blackwells isn't available."
  11. bon matin weekend thread

    "Precautionary step"
  12. bon matin weekend thread

    Johnson hospitalised.
  13. bon matin weekend thread

    I'm not even brave enough to look at social media for more than 3 or 4 minutes a day, let alone interact with anyone.
  14. bon matin weekend thread

  15. bon matin weekend thread

    What are you gonna plant in it?