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  1. Tue Me, Tue You

    Lol Master diplomat jared kushner “The Palestinian leadership have to ask themselves a question: do they want to have a state? Do they want to have a better life?” Kushner said. He then presented an ultimatum to the Palestinians. Kushner said, “If they do, we have created a framework for them to have it, and we’re going to treat them in a very respectful manner. If they don’t, then they’re going to screw up another opportunity, like they’ve screwed up every other opportunity that they’ve ever had in their existence.”
  2. Tue Me, Tue You

    Watching AotClones for the first time since the mr plinkett review, looks effing SHOIT! Like embarrassing
  3. Tue Me, Tue You

    Hang on
  4. Tue Me, Tue You

    Bit like this place!
  5. Tue Me, Tue You

    Very large contingent of beautiful people here, must be the good living, like Solihull or Islington
  6. Tue Me, Tue You

    Drove to a fen today, prostrated myself in deferential awe at the boundless firmament, then just got back in my car and sloped off home
  7. Tue Me, Tue You

    Going back to see about the dehydration?
  8. Tue Me, Tue You

    Have you doubled up with ibu?
  9. what's on?

    Just off to lick some post from Wuhan
  10. what's on?

    Well I sort of ambiguously agreed to clean it but never said yes, emphatically, to a deep clean. They’re first time buyers and are probably expecting it to be sparking like a rental flat. I should be ok, they haven’t got my address and can’t legally get it.
  11. what's on?

    Yeah mine, AOL, just got an email from our agents buyers saying they’re organising a deep clean and sending us the bill
  12. Thread

    She had three new sets cut for us and left a card and a welcome pack. We left our buyers with a dirty fridge full of coronaviruses
  13. Thread

    Looks like a picked the wrong day to give away curtain rails
  14. Thread

    Moved in, got 4 curtain rails going if anyone needs any
  15. TV

    Thinking of upgrading this to a popcorn classic (things I probably watch from start to finish once a year, see also: peep show, the trip, tinker tailor soldier spy)