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  1. *** TUMBLEWEED *** (monday)

    cuppabeans I want chopped tomatoes don't mind what brand as long as they've been infested with ghouls
  2. *** TUMBLEWEED *** (monday)

    cuppabeans, delete the section on choice or you're banned
  3. Death rate slowing in Spain, gracias cristo!
  4. *** TUMBLEWEED *** (monday)

    Like cola, beans all taste the same
  5. *** TUMBLEWEED *** (monday)

    Not sure I'd give them the choice ffs!
  6. *** TUMBLEWEED *** (monday)

    Is scaggy trying to break chinos?
  7. *** TUMBLEWEED *** (monday)

    A dormant web design project is back off ice, really enjoying it, monday morning motivation searing through my veins... left the artwork on my work computer
  8. bon matin weekend thread

  9. bon matin weekend thread

    Made a bug hotel! 🐛
  10. Why weren’t people bothered about 4G
  11. Good summary of the shitty trump response https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2020/apr/04/trump-coronavirus-science-analysis
  12. bon matin weekend thread

    Sun’s making me feel more depressed about all the cancelled stuff, mostly footy/olympics/my car things
  13. bon matin weekend thread

    Too bright and sunny if anything!
  14. That to any tory politician named in this thread
  15. Would probably just brain him with half a brick then piss on him, keep it simple