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  1. Thurs Of Tha Month

    Just spent the last 6 hours basking in finding an ‘I take that back’ in the wild

    You can’t just decide to do a 17 album SLATBAD, you’ve got to prime the press, square it with the UN!
  3. From 2003, doesn’t feel THAT long ago
  4. Rate my Tue

    They’re in the right place for that!
  5. Rate my Tue

    Would love to feel labour for like 5 mins maybe 2 just to see if it’s as bad as kidney stones
  6. Rate my Tue

    Two weeks (twoooooo weeeeeeks!) and I’m not sure Mrs U would appreciate me using it to fly out and see my great m8 sparkle on Bali
  7. Rate my Tue

  8. Rate my Tue

    I rode my bike into a black (not relevant) man once, his shoulder, my sternum, couldn’t lift myself out of bed for a fortnight, had to slide out onto the floor like a placenta
  9. Rate my Tue

    Pretty textbook really, went into UCLH on the Thursday midday and settled into a peaceful ward with a view of the BT tower, had some jell injected into bits (her) and watched Wheeler Dealers on Quest (me), listened to a polish girl struggling with labour while her mate nattered on the phone all day like they do, went to the labour ward at midnight, that’s where you get a private room, en suite, this is where the Uruk Hai are actually cut from their birthing sacs. Had a midwife with literally the best bedside manner ever. Was only seen by one british medic the whole time, not sure this brilliant service would survive without the forins but at least we’ll have blue passports and be able to order our carveries in English again. 9/10, will not be doing that again
  10. Rate my Tue

    Think it’s just grazed, it’s his ribs I’m more worried about
  11. Rate my Tue

    Baby has arrived! Didn’t want to overshadow Ollys badly squashed finger though
  12. Rate my Tue

    Charity shop mug watch
  13. Stan Lee

    Might have to watch Mallrats in tribute /bongo, and also tbf me