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  1. The May After Yesterday

    Banner at the Celtic game in support of Leigh Griffiths. Love it.
  2. A May-t With Destiny (Wed)

    Teflon Theresa. It's abundantly clear from all this we don't have a functioning govt or for that matter a viable alternative to take its place. It's all fucked.
  3. A May-t With Destiny (Wed)

    Upwards from leadership contest vote, supporters will keep pointing to that and she'll stumble on for four more years. Christ, four more years, only slightly more palatable than Raab/ Mogg/ Johnson but fuck that's depressing
  4. A May-t With Destiny (Wed)

    Ooh unlucky, well at least it's stuck in JRM's craw and hes still trying to get her resigning.
  5. A May-t With Destiny (Wed)

    Could just be chest bumping shit talk but it seemed noteworthy
  6. A May-t With Destiny (Wed)

    No in play markets on that, on Sky News there was one Tory quoted as saying no one knows what's gonna happen but went on to say a lot of his colleagues are liars. Well nooo shit m8.
  7. A May-t With Destiny (Wed)

    Sorely tempted to stick a cockle on that at 8/1. Brexit dividend
  8. A May-t With Destiny (Wed)

    https://metro.co.uk/2018/12/12/tory-christmas-party-to-clash-with-theresa-may-confidence-vote-8235859/amp/ Whatever happens I would kill to be a fly on the wall at that
  9. A May-t With Destiny (Wed)

    Harks back to her being called out by Nick Robinson "heavily made up, as if she might have been in tears” post GE when she fucked that one up. Even if the sob story works a slim majority shouldn't be enough but these are weird politics. Ah what a time to be alive.
  10. A May-t With Destiny (Wed)

    Hot take: I think she'll be given the hoof tonight. Struggling to believe there's 184 people in the whole country let alone parliament who believe in her ability. Plus this is the Tories after all.
  11. A May-t With Destiny (Wed)

    Really shouldn't be having kids in this economic climate
  12. Monday Countdown

    Been watching BBC news for two hours now and not one bit of insight as to what's going to happen next. Lots of talk of crisis and deadlock. JUST LIKE THE LAST FUCKING 18 MONTHS THEN. We can't possibly be surprised this is turning into the shitshow it has, none of it shocks me anymore.
  13. Monbreak my heart

    mackems in the 3rd again. May as well say that's a bye rd for them tossers
  14. Dead Presidents

    Shocking scorecarding at the boxing here. Fury won that by a country mile and they done fucked up and called a draw. Oh yeah, unlucky randy.
  15. Dead Presidents

    Best of luck Randall, ya Norn shid.