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  1. You can't tuena fish

    angst's favourite bete noir drops some more horseshit
  2. World War 3 Weekend

    Thems some really ill fitting suits yo. No idea what the new albums like. Lost interest after SAWTT and that was like 10 years ago
  3. Remember, short controlled Thursts

    "We'll see what happens folks, we'll see." Thanks for that Donald. Don't quite see how dropping more bombs is gonna deter Assad if hes prepared to go so far as using sarin gas his own civilians.
  4. Tuesday again

    Missed cunk om britain for this. Totally worth it.
  5. Tuesday again

    https://mobile.twitter.com/joshdcaplan/status/983835265100926978 Go on!!
  6. Tuesday again

    Sen John Kennedy (Louisiana) absolutely rinsing zuckerberg now. He looks jittery, told him quite flatly their user agreement sucks. Waited four hours for him to stop covering arse and it took a folksy southern senator to undo him. Great stuff
  7. Tuesday again

    Senators genuinely asking why Facebook is free and are baffled by cookies. I think these are the wrong kind of people to be asking this soulless shit the q's
  8. Tuesday again

    I have no idea why this is happening.
  9. Tuesday again

    At least Tom appears human. Compare and contrast I've been watching this for an hour and its making me ill I Snipped the pic because theres no warning for our more sensitive viewers
  10. Tuesday again

    "It's not enough to give people a voice, we need to make sure people aren't using it to harm other people or spread misinformation." And now facebook gets to decide what falls into those categories. Great, if thats not 1984 all over i dunno what is
  11. Tuesday again

    FB shares 👆 after zuckerbots apology. Some really dumb people with money swallowing these lies whole. Everything hes said so far has been mostly bullshit. Right down to "first line of terms of facebook is you own and control your data." It's actually poorly worded legalese about data privacy. Soft soaping it so far
  12. Tuesday again

    was going to millwall game, could not be fucked cos of Big Cup© wankery. Have to console myself with watching senators attempting to make Mark Zuckerberg cry like a wuss. Box office shit, this.
  13. The Thurs of the Mummy : )

    I've always quite liked the cut of Kier Starmer's jib. Anti Brexit, talks a lot of sense, looks statesman like, would have wide ranging appeal. I fail to see what difference corbyn has made to stop the cuts that still persist under the tories and dup.
  14. The Thurs of the Mummy : )

    He needs to fuck off basically, for the good of party and country.
  15. The Thurs of the Mummy : )

    True, I've nailed colours to the 'corbs will never be PM' mast many a blue moon ago. Sorry but the groundswell of opinion just ain't there except for the chuntering halfwits on twitter, had his chance he blew it.