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  1. If you need me I'll be upthurs

    While all what Olly wrote is true, I would say it's very indulgent of that whataboutery you hate so much. Get to the root of the problem, get to the root of why Labour SHOULD be doing so much better in the polls, they're so bloody far from correcting all that you mention it all becomes suddenly moot. That's the problem I have, it's not that I don't care. Honestly. :: head shaking gif :;
  2. If you need me I'll be upthurs

    I believe it to be Mike Pence that snivelling shit had his name written all over it though, so ...you take the rough wit da smoov
  3. If you need me I'll be upthurs

    I'm a crank, yes. Leave you tonight with springers final thought, different matter entirely but wth, it always was https://www.irishcentral.com/opinion/niallodowd/donald-trump-anonymous-ny-times?utm_campaign=Best+of+IrishCentral+-+2018-09-06&utm_medium=Email&utm_source=Mailjet i entirely agree with the contents of this article, dispute and discuss as you may.
  4. If you need me I'll be upthurs

    Fucking surrounded by welsh loud mouth tossers. Glad Olly has blocked me. Something light in a glooming darkness of doom
  5. If you need me I'll be upthurs

    Ramseys running rings round us tho... Aaron fucking Ramsey
  6. If you need me I'll be upthurs

    I lived in a community of Jews in prestwich for 8 months and worked in a Muslim charity that supported the rohingya and palestines for a year, I see both sides. But corbyn and labour are too hard line on glad they're reforming though, it's about shitting time
  7. If you need me I'll be upthurs

    Dont worry i won't be back properly until Corbs starts giving a fuck about Jews and May's prime ministerial era wet farts finally itself out of existence. 4-0. We beat these cunts to a WC playoff not 8 month hence. Keane and O'Neill the fuck out.
  8. If you need me I'll be upthurs

    In other news, League of Nations is on. International footy... Remember that, no neither do I, half our team are injured or have fucked off to play for England we're being crushed three nil by the leeks, Gareth bale and that thick cunt Giggs. Scramble my password before this gets worse
  9. EUREF 2016 SUPERTHREAD inc. The Nasty Party

    This x 1000000. Absolutely spot on nailed it. +1 for labelling Corbyn a complete bottle job about Brexit
  10. EUREF 2016 SUPERTHREAD inc. The Nasty Party

    Scrap that I can stop worrying about March of next year. Thanks Jan.
  11. EUREF 2016 SUPERTHREAD inc. The Nasty Party

    Current state of play in two succinct graphs. Still very unsure a sane backtrack and rethink will never happen this late on tho.
  12. Coffee and a Naan Weekend

    Just been privy to the best 70 mins of sporting action I've ever seen. Galway 24-25 limerick in the hurlin final. Fucking intense wasn't the half of it. Galway were 10 pts down with 5 mins left, two goals and a pt later it was almost level, didn't do enough in the end but fuck me, I've never witnessed anything like it.
  13. Twitter ye not - (or Tweet allergy (or CLFC)) + #INSTA

    Christ that wound me up. The fucking ayn rand quote at the end. Almost makes me want to become a hardcore Marxist out of spite.
  14. Amateur Plumbing Weekend

    Y'all just don't get it, I happen to like this pretentious, meta-textual, self loathing comedy
  15. Amateur Plumbing Weekend

    Yes. It was quite frankly an epic masterclass of comedy. An absolute delight, he should quit after that as there's no way conceivable way he could possibly top it.