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  1. EUREF 2016 SUPERTHREAD inc. The Nasty Party

    Tory Liars: Corbyn and the Labour left opposed the East European regimes
  2. Weekend thread!

    If we had a 'high-five' or 'running chest bump' like I'd be using one of them on your post
  3. Weekend thread!

    Happy birthday to Rita. Hope she found it fun
  4. Weekend thread!

    Demo = Latins for demon Cracy = Olde Englishe for crazy Please like and subscribe
  5. Weekend thread!

    Good spittings 'Knowledge' 'Some Hot Lyrics'
  6. why do we have to fri?

  7. why do we have to fri?

    Just read about him! What a silly old fart[/Johnny Rotten voice]
  8. why do we have to fri?

    Thinking about Emily Brontë punching fuck out of an aggressive bull mastiff
  9. Books

    Reading 'Wuthering Heights' just now. Almost every character is a bastard of a boy. I'm really enjoying it.
  10. why do we have to fri?

    I'd just try and make my body as floppy as possible and hope for the best

    That Del Amitri song

    That Sugababes one
  13. Bullseye in the Sky ✞

    That is paaaaaaaaa*deep breath*aaaaathetic
  14. Bullseye in the Sky ✞

    I'm 100% on Putin being a cunt. I still think it has to be investigated properly though.