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  1. Friday, I'm on Ace! /rejected The Cure Lyrics

    Can one of our illustrious reviewers review this. It's on Spotify apparently
  2. Thurton Albion

    Waaaiiit for iiit... Rejected Lee Scratch Perry and the Upsetters lyrics!
  3. Something For The Weekend

    Buying a 4.2 grand watch and it doesn't even inform you of the good content
  4. Something For The Weekend

    Hap py birthday Shoebox!
  5. FRI - A Day Of BIG Drops

    He'll update the lyrics again to be about Barry Chuckle
  6. No pun Thurs

    Unless your offline personality is MASSIVELY different from how you are on here I really don't get this as a description of you
  7. No pun Thurs

    3l of Frosty Jack and a bottle of Bell's {1 hour later} "I would like to fight all the men my good sir."
  8. No pun Thurs

    Sauntering in with a bottle of Buckfast and a bottle of Advocat "Work your magic...CUNTS!"
  9. monday monday, everyone's loving monday

    Though 'The Custard Factory' was the name of a file that Scaggy sent Axl!

    They should only blast out the music everytime you're about to eat a scoop of ice cream then switch it off again once it leaves your mouth
  11. Wedlock holiday

    Doesn't he hate public transport though? Which I would have thought, I could be wrong, was currently quite an effective way to reduce pollution if money was invested in it to make it more efficient
  12. Wedlock holiday

    This Twitter thread is also good.