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  1. Is this a pub or have you done a Rip Torn?
  2. The Longest Thursday

    So he ran a race pretending to be someone else and picked up a notebook and ID card that people dropped, which he was planning on handing into lost property?
  3. Sick Wed

  4. Sick Wed

    Might turn this into a template for tweeting at anti immigrant people 'we don't share a border with {insert country} and {person's name}'s Wall's about 4ft high and wouldn't stop them entering the country anyway'
  5. Sick Wed

    The alt-right are too snowflake and pretentious themselves to effectively pisstake liberals in my opinion
  6. Sick Wed

    Think that Hurst joke is working at less than one level. Lvl 1 being the joke actually working
  7. Sick Wed

    Oaft. Is he saying there's loads of Mexicans in Scotland? As the joke makes absolutely no sense otherwise
  8. Sick Wed

    80 grand a month! 'Everybody's Free To Wear Sunscreen' is free on Youtube!
  9. Sick Wed

    He is a weird cunt
  10. Sick Wed

  11. I wanna be a MON, MON-cub

  12. I wanna be a MON, MON-cub

    Weekend: Travelled back in time and got a job on a tram.
  13. Friday No Football Fred

    Might walk into Lloyds Pharmacy "They're trying to cut me cock off!" *hold my hands out* "Morphine please!"
  14. Friday No Football Fred

    Philip Davies wants Chope to hold his beer.