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  1. Tueday is your day bro

    I wonder if he thought Apache Indian was an actual Apache?
  2. Tueday is your day bro

    Decided to look up the lyrics to The Pastels - 'Truck Train Tractor' yesterday and was really disappointed one of the lyrics isn't actually 'agitpropping never stopping'
  3. Filing a change of name request on behalf of Randy to the Angst Ombudsman
  4. Tueday is your day bro

    Not seen Master of None, but I've heard it described as 'agressively mediocre' which is a good phrase that I'm going to use more in my life
  5. Tueday is your day bro

    I only found out about 'Fear of Flying' yesterday though I think I already new the term 'zipless fuck'
  6. Tueday is your day bro

    I see there's slowly starting to be backlash to that Ansari story. Well I've seen two articles
  7. Philip Seymour Hoffmonday

    'You can't make this stuff up' and Pam should know. She was there
  8. Philip Seymour Hoffmonday

  9. Philip Seymour Hoffmonday

    Was tempted but they don't do the curry ones so was then untempted
  10. Philip Seymour Hoffmonday

    Would just soup-maker everything to be honest. Boîte de Munchy a la Machine à soupe
  11. Philip Seymour Hoffmonday

    Would just stick it all in the soup-maker with a carrot
  12. TV

    Have the BBC ever used Patti Smith-'Horses' while filming some horses in a field?
  13. Philip Seymour Hoffmonday

    I listen to the Diane podcast about Twin Peaks. Might check out The Lodger