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  1. The hangover weekend

    I've booked some time off work next week and have managed to get in four job interviews, which is good as I want to get out of here but it's dawned on me today how much preparation I'm going to have to do. One of the interviews is in front of five people and I have to do a presentation, which I don't like the sound of at all. Trying to think happy thoughts. I have one ear on the football where Leeds are winning and the gap between us and third is now tantalisingly big. If we beat Fulham in a couple of weeks then it could be game over. I was 16 when Leeds were last in the Premier League FFS! Half my life ago. Obsessed with the new Destroyer album. Some damn good listening.

    I was looking at some bookies odds this afternoon and they actually still have Hilary Clinton as low as 14/1 to be the nominee. The weirdest part is most have Warren at like 60/1. What's going on there then? Should have lumped on Biden a few weeks ago when he really drifted. He's favourite now, sadly. Trump will kiiiiilll him.
  3. I love Bill Ryder-Jones, Ted. He's become a bit of a 6Music darling but I'd still say he's a criminally underrated songwriter. My favourite of his -
  4. Gibby and Olly: wrestleoff

    Rise is definitely on the dafter side of things and is more ICW than Progress. They've steadily built up a good following in Leeds and sell out the Brudenell now for the bigger shows. There is good wrestling too but tonight there's a funeral for a cardboard cut-out of Danny Devito who got torched during a hardcore match, for example. It will be more entertaining than it sounds.
  5. Gibby and Olly: wrestleoff

    It's just perfect booking so he can face Goldberg and have the dream match everyone always wanted, er. I read a theory that the Goldberg thing was just to wind up the fans and ensure Roman gets cheered at Mania, which sounds plausible to be fair.

    From /r/insanepeoplefacebook
  7. Gibby and Olly: wrestleoff

    Off to Leeds tonight to watch Rise indie wrestling. They've got a monthly residence at a tiny place in Holbeck which has a brilliant atmosphere. Quite looking forward to watching AEW too, they've really hit a sweet spot over the past few weeks. Also, lol at Goldberg's jackhammer last night. If there ever was a more perfect embodiment of the state of WWE right now, it was during those painful few seconds.
  8. Films

    Yer missing out, lads!
  9. Films

    It’s a nine from me, Gary. Another weird thing about it. For the whole film, I got it into my head that Adam Driver’s character was the same one he played in Paterson and Scarlett Johansson was an older version of her in Lost in Translation. It was like a sequel to these films but only in my mind. Does anyone else do this?
  10. Films

    Marriage Story - If I was at a different point in my life this film would probably have irritated me but I watched it with my wife and we were both really moved. It made me question what kind of husband I am and we both spoke to each other after about own parents divorces and how it affected us. It's a powerful thing when a film does this, so bravo. Three absolute star turns from Ray Liotta (by heck he looked old though), Alan Alda and Laura Dern, too.

    Paging @DHOTYA

    Bloomberg is such a shite candidate. It's like an experiment to see how far the most unappealing bloke with the most amount of money can go.
  13. Loving the new Destroyer album. Destroyer's Rubies is one of my all-time faves but I've not really clicked with much since, other than the odd tune.
  14. Wed Hot Summer

    Not shipping containers but steel could be an option. I'd be talking out of my backside if I said any more, but the architect said its cheaper!
  15. Wed Hot Summer

    Yeah, in the area where I grew up so many farmers have cashed in and turned old sheds into holiday cottages. An architect told us to buy a few self-build magazines for inspiration but they were full of massive projects with hot tubs and big garages and the like. Feel a bit overwhelmed but you've got to start somewhere. We're showing an architect around this weekend to get a quote.