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  1. Current Gaming

    (PS4) L1 then R1 then left toggle to ‘3pm’ and press R2 until it comes around. It’s normallt your binoculars that are the standard in that slot.
  2. Films

    It’s on YT in full
  3. Halloweekend

    Live Halloween episode of IN9 tonight on beeb2, nice!
  4. Halloweekend

    No snow here, nice and “fresh” I guess though. 40th last night in a social club where the DJ was given a pretty tight playlist, but came out with some cock and bull story about being run over by a motorbike that morning which sent his laptop flying to the ground. He was alright though and look I have this other laptop with some good stuff on it so don’t worry. First track: Status Quo - Rocking All Over The World *collective groan* My wife’s twin and her fella have invited us to Gretna for the weekend, sound suspicious. I’m hoping they’re just scoping it out for a later date and we’re not being ambushed into a secret wedding. Couldn’t be arsed with the inevitable family aggro.

    Sorry Nesi, try and remember the section isn’t hard and fast and can be revoked on a review-by-review basis. Lengths are maximum not minimum. Any indication of cause of onset? Seen horrendous things in CAHMS, but majority seem to be stress induced (exam, peer pressure etc). Not to trivialise that though, seen kids almost catatonic with it, awful...Fuck being a kid (A) these days man. My own daughter is a fucking wreck on a weekly basis and my kid sister has MH input and regularly calls me suicidal (who are you calling sucicial!!), never known the likes in our youth, it’s crazy times. Stay strong and let him know he’s loved man.
  6. Club Wed

    We got a batch of flu jabs in the other day, I was expected to administer them to some old folks without capacity or without the opportunity to gain consent from family/sign disclaimers etc...errr no!
  7. Wedlock holiday

    @Shoebox did you catch Imarhan at EOTR? Just checked their new album and bought a ticket to see them in Glasgow tomorrow off the back of it, see they were at EOTR.
  8. Thread For The Beautiful Game

    They have gone for that shade before. So imagine there must be some kind of history there?
  9. Films

    Where did you see this, been looking for a release for this since Sundance
  10. 2018 FIFA World Cup | Hooliganism & Homophobia

    Can we get the WC out of the way before we start on the Tour de France please?
  11. Need a seating plan to visualise this properly. Like on 5live if you miss them saying “shooting left to right” or you don’t know the stadium, you’re just listening to words y’know, not painting a picture for yurself
  12. 2018 FIFA World Cup | Hooliganism & Homophobia

    Would Schemiecel to Yorke fight the time? Don’t think it was that, but it could work
  13. 2018 FIFA World Cup | Hooliganism & Homophobia

    Lol what were the other examples on that, I want to say, joke? 2 x set-up examples then Seaman/Overmars punchline. Walker to Edinburgh I think, can’t remember the other
  14. 2018 FIFA World Cup | Hooliganism & Homophobia

    Tunisia players literally crying while England have hard brexit geezers like Harry Maguire in the team. This will be a rout!