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  1. https://twitter.com/EssexPoliceUK/status/1098143902719270912 Man, this guy looks familiar
  2. Tuetonic Knights

    Peter Cetera?
  3. Tuetonic Knights

    Eiffel 65
  4. Tuetonic Knights

    Donna Summer?
  5. Tuetonic Knights

    Did you think she was a yank, or did she?
  6. Tuetonic Knights

    So then.....U2
  7. Tuetonic Knights

    Coldplay - Yellow
  8. Tuetonic Knights

    Ooh so something FROM 1978 then right?...Baker Street?
  9. Tuetonic Knights

    Del Amitri
  10. Films

    Controversy? Missed that
  11. Films

    Is this the new one in cinemas now or the one from a couple of years back on Netflix?
  12. Gibby and Olly: wrestleoff

    Seth Rollins most overrated is a bit much, he’s had a few stinkers this year for sure, but he’s still fantastic in the ring and good on the mic.
  13. slow friday

    @GUBE you in Sinthilins this week fella? Visiting in-laws. Fancy a pint or a walk?
  14. Current Gaming

    (PS4) L1 then R1 then left toggle to ‘3pm’ and press R2 until it comes around. It’s normallt your binoculars that are the standard in that slot.
  15. Films

    It’s on YT in full