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  1. I can’t conplain

    I remember well when a nice break came from a band in the nearby town of Athens, Georgia, where they began the righteous exchange of trading opening slots with Widespread Panic at each band's local home venue. Widespread Panic had a large audience in Athens at the Uptown Lounge; the Grapes had a large audience in Atlanta at The Metroplex. The Grapes brought Widespread Panic to Atlanta as their opening band and gave them a packed house to play for every time. Likewise, Widespread Panic would bring The Grapes to Athens and give them a packed house at The Uptown Lounge. The Grapes and Widespread Panic shared the same audience for many years. It was a great scene. You don't see much of that anymore.
  2. I can’t conplain

  3. I can’t conplain

    I prefer a flan
  4. I can’t conplain

    I thought it was just a standard station pub, but I haven't been there since the wake.
  5. I can’t conplain

    The Crown
  6. I can’t conplain

    Does Ye Cracke still have that washing machine in?
  7. I can’t conplain

    Been around the Liverpool bars with my old man far too many times. When I was a student you could get a 10 quid ticket from Euston to Lime street return and we'd go out and get smashed. Last few years he'd just sit in the one right next to Lime Street and I'd attempt to make conversation with a shadow of man I used to love for about 4 hours, before we'd go to the Wetherspoon around the corner and I'd push bad food around the plate unable to eat because of the overwhelming stench of vinegar. Then I'd drop him off at home and go back to my aunt's where I would sit while my unemployed cousin got stoned and criticised my life choices, then go to sleep in a bed that could have been Ted's

  9. I can’t conplain

    I did 13 pints in two hours once.
  10. I can’t conplain

    Is that the one Han Solo did in less that 12 parsecs or something?
  11. I can’t conplain

    that place looks like a bombs hit it! /randy
  12. I can’t conplain

    Pretty sure house prices are on the up anyway Stumpo.
  13. I can’t conplain

    I wouldn't expose your ass with all those viruses going around,
  14. I can’t conplain

    Read that as the answer to Nesi's question.