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  1. Golden TUEt

    If you get a good singer, the call to prayer can be quite affecting imho. Anyway, neither are as bad as buskers using amplification.
  2. Golden TUEt

    4 x labour voted with Gov. including Kate Hoey. Fucking how has May managed to stay in power? Shitehawks, that's how.
  3. TV

    Up for it, but do we have to watch the rest of the four series to get it, or what?
  4. Golden TUEt


    Let's take the train up to Manc to watch with Emzo. ACE FILM EVENT

    I think Roger locked himself in a fridge until they got more of him in the trailer.
  7. Films

    I’ve already scrapped my bellend aside from watching the film. Where does that leave me?
  8. Golden TUEt

    Current job is best job. Loved the Royal Mail though. And when I got paid 30 quid an hour for working at the Uni study development centaur was cool. That was more a massive blag than a job though.
  9. Golden TUEt

    Worked in Boots in the stock room for about a year. I was drunk most of the time. Drunk or stoned. Brilliant.
  10. Airport DAY

    Ha ha ha. We used to smash dustbin lids together and shout sex pistols songs.
  11. Airport DAY

    An old primary school friend found out I’m in DC and he’s suggested we meet up. Problem is he’s an ultra-pro Trump journo. Literal had a piece in the Telegraph about how Trump’s friendship with Putin is a really good thing. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2018/07/16/donald-trump-likes-putin-brexit-president-pulling-america/
  12. Films

    Three Identical Strangers: Doco about three identical strangers. Pretty good as a story, with some really great/shocking moments. Asks more questions than it answers. Satsy with you. five bags of popcorn and some adoption papers.
  13. Airport DAY

    Sat in the parents-in-law's basement. Had the wedding party yesterday. Was good. All the parents' friends are really nice. Mrs's uncle was talking to me about prog rock for ages, and a guy called Steve who knows Richard Thomson. Kept on talking about how great Steve was. He looked sad. I think his wife is shagging steve. Going out in a moment. HELLOOOO
  14. 2018 FIFA World Cup | Hooliganism & Homophobia