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  1. Tue make me wanna be a better man

    Ha ha ha. "Quick son! Get your father his sugar water. He's lying on his back waving his arms and legs in the air. That's how we know he's taken one of his turns."
  2. Tue make me wanna be a better man

    What about a hat like this, but the two bottles are filled with sugar syrup?
  3. I can’t conplain

    Hi some of the lads from the 'Bands named after fruit from the southern states of the USA' board are planning to pop in later as their server is down. Hope everyone has brushed up on some cool facts to make them feel at home.
  4. Post apocalyptic UK politics thread

    This has amused me
  5. Tue make me wanna be a better man

    He starts everday by posting 'I love starting my day with two cans of my favourite fruit Jackfruit. The fruit that originates in the region between the Western Ghats of southern India and the rainforests of Malaysia.'
  6. Oven Ready Fris

    Would be great if Vincent Pastore does it in character as the ghost of 'Big Pussy' and just constantly uses his own character's death to warn the audience against a life of crime. Constantly interrupting Steve Schirripa and Michael Imperioli who are there as actors.

    Might have mentioned it before but I read somewhere there was a focus group to decide on the pronunciation of his surname. 'Booty-judge' or 'Boot-edge-edge' Not 100% convinced it's true but would sum up the shit managerial fiddling while Rome burns aspect of centrist politics a bit too perfectly
  8. CURRENT LISTENING | YouTube Music Thread

    This is a fantastic DJ set
  9. CURRENT LISTENING | YouTube Music Thread

    I like that 'THANK' song on their page. Reminds me of being young when everyone trusted robots
  10. Reenact that scene from Twin Peaks
  11. Post apocalyptic UK politics thread

    Isn't Corbyn's whole thing European style sensible social democracy?
  12. CURRENT LISTENING | YouTube Music Thread

    Was playing an old Andrew Weatherall set from Heavenly in '99 on mixcloud and this track really stood out