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  1. new thraed

    Happy birthday son, now let's have your keys.
  2. The Mondays

    Or London! Eh?!
  3. new thraed

    Met the LomL in halls as well. Oh well.
  4. new thraed

    Did mushrooms for the first time in halls, freshly picked from Cannock Chase. There were lots of us. One bloke who wasn't part of it commented "I hope you all fucking die". :D
  5. new thraed

    Someone here talked of someone in their halls who was pissing in bottles and shitting in his sink. Possibly Ed-Wu?
  6. new thraed

    Uni recollections take a dark turn.
  7. new thraed

    24 people on a floor, divided vaguely into two. Our's was the only one where it was one side for girls and one for boys.
  8. new thraed

    Yeah, halls make everything much easier. My whole floor was vegetarian though, so we just had toast and went to the union to get trollied.
  9. The Mondays

    Washed my microwave, now am burning a joss stick to mask the smell of malt vinegar.
  10. The Mondays

    Put 50p in the meter Zed.
  11. The Mondays

    I don't really know much about the details tbpfh. But plenty of others had done the same thing, the civil rights movement wanted someone err...whiter than white.
  12. The Mondays

    Not even vaguely accurate either. Rosa Parks didn't do this out of the blue, it was coordinated.
  13. The Mondays

    I had to look up what a Proud Boy is. I see.
  14. Wet and Wild Weekend.

    also historically dubious.
  15. Wet and Wild Weekend.

    Rosa Parks and MLK on Drs Who. Bit creaky.