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  1. Baby it's cold inside

    ebay's better than Amazon anyway.
  2. Baby it's cold inside

    Pumpkin Escobar is a silly name.
  3. EUREF 2016 SUPERTHREAD inc. The Nasty Party

    God I hope she's deselected at the next election. She can stand for UKIP.
  4. Baby it's cold inside

    phew, a Newcastle win. Fucking awful game mind.
  5. Baby it's cold inside

    Pissing down at the John Smiths stadium.
  6. Baby it's cold inside

    1c here as well, potentially going down to 0.
  7. Baby it's cold inside

    And Liam Neeson! http://www.thewaroftheworlds.com/live-events/2018-uk/castlist.aspx
  8. Baby it's cold inside

    Spent the last hour trying to find out where a 40sec beep was coming for. Just found a smoke alarm hidden in a box of junk.
  9. Baby it's cold inside

    Supposed to be snowing here later. Can't say I'm excited about it.
  10. The FRIght Profile

    I assume they're pies.
  11. The FRIght Profile

    It's 2018 and I'm listening to Sleeper live on the radio.
  12. Wow, is the inviting girls to his penthouse true I wonder.
  13. The FRIght Profile

    If there'd been a glass of sherry left out when I was growing up I'd have drank it.
  14. The FRIght Profile

    Real fudge is good, a finger of fudge is shit.
  15. The FRIght Profile

    Curly Wurlies are caramel.