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  1. Tuesday - are we back?

    A punk night at a city pub has been called off after a band named after Newcastle child killer Mary Bell was booked for the gig. The Parisian group 'Mary Bell', which claims to identify with the schoolgirl who killed two young boys in the 1960s, had been due to take to the stage at the Cumberland Arms in Ouseburn in April. https://www.chroniclelive.co.uk/news/north-east-news/mary-bell-band-newcastle-gig-15852294 I can only assume whoever booked them at the Cumby wasn't aware of the name.
  2. Tuesday - are we back?

    I have no problem with an epidural.
  3. Tuesday - are we back?

    Anyway, the builders doing my parents' kitchen floor today found a calender from 1989 behind the now trashed units. It's like a time capsule.
  4. Tuesday - are we back?

    An old flatmate taught me that song. It also goes down the drain like a high speed train I was assured.
  5. Tuesday - are we back?

    Diarrhoea Diarrhoea Comes out your bum like Pedigree Chum diarrhoea
  6. Tuesday - are we back?

    Phall. Which I think is just a way for funny-tinged people to take the piss out of drunk white people.
  7. Tuesday - are we back?

    No, it was screwed for me on a desktop as well.
  8. Tuesday - are we back?

    Am I the only one with normally functioning bowels?
  9. Tuesday - are we back?

    If you eat pulses regularly, they don't make you fart as much. /Burch dietary tips
  10. Tuesday - are we back?

    That's because the arse has a memory.
  11. Tuesday - are we back?

    /Rejected Gary Numan lyric
  12. Tuesday - are we back?

    So, he's into homeopathy?
  13. Tuesday - are we back?

    I see it as a health food.
  14. Tuesday - are we back?

    Potomania causes a dangerously low sodium level in your blood, called hyponatremia. There are many different conditions that can cause low sodium levels. In potomania, it’s typically a combination of malnourishment and binge drinking over time.
  15. Tuesday - are we back?

    I'm not falling for that again.