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  1. Netflix Recommendation Thread

    Finally got around to watching it, finished it yesterday, thought it was brilliant and what were you worried about?
  2. Netflix Recommendation Thread

    Was the Jinx the name of that guy on guitar with all the make up?
  3. brother my FIFA®️ WORLD CUP™️ is empty

    Glad you're getting out of there at last Burch.
  4. wed in doubt call 999

    Sorry to hear that Scaggy, glad you're doing OK.
  5. The Working Week - Pt2: Doomsday

    Just listening to some music by the From Bondies
  6. Hi Ho Hi Ho

    Think it's more about british values, like patriotism (putting a flag on a castle that's the same size across as one of its towers), bravery (going on a scary rollercoaster) and tolerance (grudgingly living side-by-side with Loch Ness monsters).
  7. The Working Week - Pt2: Doomsday

    Don't talk to me until I've had my gin phase!
  8. The Working Week - Pt2: Doomsday

    I like the vanilla and the lime, ginger one is disgusting, never had Coke Zero, the initial ad campaign annoyed me so much I pledged a lifelong boycott.
  9. The Working Week - Pt2: Doomsday

    J*lted J*hn chip shop forks
  10. The Working Week - Pt2: Doomsday

    Oh yeah I mean I'll obviously get the landlord onto it, didn't see the other guy before I left today but will speak to him again tonight, just glad it wasn't immediately worse than it was.
  11. The Working Week - Pt2: Doomsday

    Looks like I'm joining Ollu & Zeocon's Leaky Home Clvb, was woken up about half midnight by the sound of water outside my window and thought 'that doesn't sound like rain', discovered it was coming from the flat above and also that water was trickling down the top right corner of both my bedroom and living room windows. Found the guy who lives there on the phone to the fire brigade, told me that his flat was flooded and he didn't know how to turn his water off... Went up there, loads of water coming from the boiler, worked out which was the main water supply and switched it off, eventually a guy from fire brigade turned up so I left them to it (was just getting in the way by that point). By the time I'd cleaned up the water had pretty much stopped, no real damage apart from stains and some flaked-off paint, really lucky it happened while the guy was at home, got paranoid about it getting near electrical stuff. Didn't get much sleep though so feel like crap. Listening to Yo La Tengo.
  12. The Working Week - Pt2: Doomsday

    Think it means that you subconsciously actually do want to put Snapchat style glasses on a creature.
  13. Films

    Bad Lieutenant 2: If You Thought the Last Lieutenant Was Bad, Wait Until You Meet This Guy
  14. Mid term favs

    Top 5: Autechre - 8 hours of NTS Sessions inglip! Gas - Rausch Kali Uchis - Isolation Mount Eerie - Now Only Hailu Mergia - Lala Belu Also good: MGMT, Janelle Monae, DJ Koze, Basalte, Fiddlehead Worst of year what is point: Oneohtrix Point Never, Manics Treat Preachers
  15. Hi Ho Hi Ho

    Yeah this pops into my head a lot, along with GUBE's story about the guy on a unicycle.