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    To the 5 Boroughs The shortest Beastie Boys album yet and also their most musically straightforward. If you liked the old skool throwback sound of Three MCs and One DJthen you're in luck because it's basically a whole record of that - rapping over simple beats based around one or two musical ideas, the tangents and genre exercises of the '90s albums nowhere to be found. Some of it works fine and the rapping is generally solid but it's a bit lazy (a Rapper's Delight sample, come on) and not really what I want or wanted from a 2000s Beastie Boys album. It's perfectly listenable for the most part but lacking the energy and sense of newness you get from listening to actual early '80s rap and to be honest I actually miss all the oddball diversions. In terms of albums I bought in 2004 out of a misguided sense of loyalty it's certainly better than, say, Orbital's Blue Album and the line drawing of the NYC skyline in the CD booklet was pretty cool but ultimately this isn't a very interesting record. 5/10
  2. Thurton Albion

    One which is very heavy on gushing praise for the subject but is still really good is the Scott Walker 30 Century Man one. Just love hearing Walker talk about what is essentially quite pretentious music (not a criticism) in a very unpretentious way.
  3. Thurton Albion

    I know what you mean, it's fine but does suffer for the way the makers obviously felt the need to have a big moment to finish. I'll generally watch any old band/music doc but I'm just interested in the background and context of music making, I don't need there to be a narrative with a nice neat ending.
  4. Thurton Albion

    The only really good bit in Anvil is the Accidental Partridge moment where he tries to jog the memory of someone from an actual famous band by saying "I played my guitar with a woman's vibrator"
  5. CURRENT LISTENING | YouTube Music Thread

    Yes I've heard that Bell Witch record, it's good, haven't listened to it enough really. Hope wes are well by the way Slaveo.
  6. Thurton Albion

    [/Jack Monroe]
  7. Thurton Albion

    I know amnesiac anyway lets be honest they're nowhere near as good as what Canada was coming out with at the time, I mean is Dog Man Star up there with Stunt or God Shuffled His Feet?
  8. Thurton Albion

    This is ridiculous, no way is standing in dogshit worse than Head Music
  9. WED you're smiling.

    Oh I keep meaning to take a photo of the adverts for Junkyard Golf I keep seeing on the way to work, literally some girls in sun visors stood on what looks to be a construction site, WHOW is this a thing.
  10. Thurton Albion

    The last Lana Del Rey album was the epitome of this for me, I like some of her stuff but every song was just reverby wash of sound, plodding melody, ENTER BIG BOOMING DRUMS, I'm like was anyone awake when they recorded this?
  11. Thurton Albion

    Can't get into the(e) Oh Sees at all, not going to say 'no tunes', it's more like... the wrong sort of tunes?
  12. Thurton Albion

    Would have agreed with that up to the latest album, which is surprisingly good.
  13. Thurton Albion

    Ooh that's reminded me to check when the Mitski gig is, oh look it's next week and it's already sold out, sadface.
  14. WED you're smiling.

    Is it on the same shelf as Olly's one on Goodreads or does it get one of its own?
  15. WED you're smiling.

    No I'm pretty sure it was Scaggy.