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  1. Always assumed this was the case but maybe the shops do go "Yes please, I'll use Collect+ as a loss leader and make £££s from the Caramacs near the till"
  2. Last time I did two nights running I somehow felt OK on the Sunday, as if the hangovers had cancelled each other out? Problem is that I just cannot ever face drinking for a second night.
  3. The joke's on them because how much is access into a rarefied world going to be worth post-brexit? One-eighth of a samosa, if that.
  4. No plans apart from tonight, meeting an old schoolfriend up in Headingley for something to eat, leaves me with a bit of time to kill but not really enough to go home and come back out again so I'll probably go somewhere for a coffee or a pint, I've got a book with me.
  5. Don't think there's anything remarkable about there being lots of mosques close together, you get loads of the same things within walking distance of each other e.g. Sainsburys Locals.
  6. Dad, I'm THURSDAY, Hi Thursday I'm Dad.

    Strong words as strong times must needs!
  7. Films

    Went to the pictures with a group of mates to see the Island and can remember arguing about it afterwards, didn't enjoy it, thought it was a big mess but they were all "It's not trying to be anything it isn't", I'm like "That doesn't make it good!"
  8. Dad, I'm THURSDAY, Hi Thursday I'm Dad.

    May just really has the absolute worst combination of character traits imaginable for the person with this responsibility, I have to admit that I hate her regardless of what anyone else says.
  9. Gavin Reviews a Kate Bush Album Every Thursday (GRAKBAET)

    Hahaha, sports guitar, could not put it better.
  10. Wedquinox

    Confirmation email went to the bloody junk folder (Juncker folder more like)!