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  1. The FRIght Profile

    Think someone might have already asked this but are all your lectures recorded? We have something called 'lecture capture' here.

    Homogenic OK, cards on the table, this is an all-time top five favourite album for me, no messing. At first I preferred Debut and then for a long time REDACTED was my favourite but over the years this has become one of those rare few records I can go back to again and again and still find myself deeply moved by. Anyway, the story behind it is that Björk wanted to make an album based mainly around strings, hard beats and the voice - a record with a consistent sound in contrast to the eclecticism of Debut and Post. She also wanted this album to reflect her Icelandic roots, so naturally it was recorded in *checks notes* Spain. I have to say that to me it feels very much like a continuation and a refining of the Post sound but it is definitely more of a focussed body of work and I'm going to try and do it justice by talking about every song. It opens with the low-key 'Hunter' and straight away the production sounds light years away from Debut (a testament to how quickly electronic was moving in the '90s I'd say). I love how it builds up to the bright, major-key bridge and then goes suddenly back to icy coldness again. Next up is 'Joga' which is probably my favourite Björk song, just the absolute best melody and vocal. The beats here are crunchy, crunchy is the keyword for the beats on this album, I also particularly love the shift in the time signature/measure(??) on the "state of emergency" bit. Track 3, 'Unravel', is gorgeous, you can practically sink into it, it's the most warm and comforting music I can think of despite the lyric about love being stolen by the devil. 'Bachelorette' is apparently a sequel to 'Human Behaviour' and 'Isobel' - I didn't know this until recently but it is stylistically quite similar to the latter. It's great although the vocal melody in the verse is a bit basic by Björk's standards (my favourite bit is actually the ascending pre-chorus). Oh it also does that thing where everything fades out at the end to leave one lone instrument that was previously buried in the mix (in this case, an accordion), I love it when songs that do that. 'All Neon Like' sounds like its title, another glowing, soothing lullaby like 'Unravel' and another favourite track of mine. So yeah the first half is just incredible. Side B kicks off with a change of mood in '5 Years', another crunchy beats one with these great sort of ping-pong reverby bridge sections. It's probably the song that sticks most closely to the beats + strings concept. I've no idea how tracks like this would sound to someone hearing it for the first time in 2018 to be honest - the same goes for 'Immature' which was my initial favourite when I bought the CD back in 1998. Very catchy despite its repetitive tune and lack of real chorus, also beautifully produced again. 'Alarm Call' is a proper pop song and had a working title of 'Jacko', Christ, imagine if MJ was releasing songs this good in 1997 instead of 'Earth Song (Hani's Club Experience)'! The penultimate track is 'Pluto' which I used to sort of hate but it eventually grew on me - it's deliberately abrasive in a very 1997 way but I can get behind that now. Also love the opening lines "Excuse me/But I just have to explode", oh well if you're going to be so polite about it then sure, why not. After this it's back down to earth with 'All Is Full of Love' which is NOT the version from the single/famous video but a different mix by Howie B. I think I actually prefer this one, it's a long, slow dissolve of a song it which makes for a great closer. So yeah, there you have it, it's the best Björk album because it has the best songs and if you haven't heard it I will gladly tape you a copy. 10/10 BEST OF MUSIC
  3. The FRIght Profile

    No Christmas jumper day in our office but I did see a lot of people wearing them on the walk in so it's obviously a big deal.

    You can get a boxed set of live versions of the first four albums (or buy them separately), they're good fun if you're a fan. There are a fair few live DVDs too but I've never bought any of those.

    Erm think it's the Debut one by default to be honest! Can we include Does he like live albums?

    Telegram Another remix collection for Björk fans to buy and it's a bit hit and miss to be honest. There's a new song called 'My Spine', which is a collaboration with Scottish percussionist Evelyn Glennie and it's very enjoyable and different. This and the Brodsky Quartet version of 'Hyperballad' (also good) were the first signs of Björk's renewed interest in modern classical music (she had classical training in her youth but sacked it off to go punk), which will be important later on! The best thing here is the remix of 'You've Been Flirting Again', I actually prefer it to the original version. The Dillinja remix of 'Cover Me' is also worth hearing - admittedly it just sounds like a Dillinja track but that's no bad thing in my book. Unfortunately the rest of Telegram is mostly pretty forgettable. Should've made it a six-track EP like the last one. 5/10 Other Post-era stuff Two interesting b-sides among the many CD singles - 'Karvel', a collaboration with Graham Massey from 808 State that's better than 'Ooops' and 'I Go Humble' with LFO's Mark Bell, who we'll hear much more of later on. We've already touched on the Skunk Anansie version of 'Army of Me' haven't we... At the time I thought the recorded version (which is just Björk's vocal over their music) was amazing but it really isn't, they sound like people who work in a guitar shop. Also in 1996 Björk appeared on two tracks on Tricky's Nearly God album but both of these are pretty disappointing all things considered, bit of a missed opportunity there. Onwards to Homogenic then!

    Bet there's at least one copy in the Victorville Film Archive.
  8. The May After Yesterday

    Well yeah if everyone did that we'd be laughing (not lit... no, actually probably literally as well).
  9. The May After Yesterday

    I haven't really added anything to the brexit chat here over the last few days, mainly due to being buisy with work but also because I just don't know what to say really. I'll readily admit I don't have as good a handle on the ins and outs of UK politics as most people here but everything about this just leaves me with increasing feelings of anger and despair. Scaggy and Emzo are right, all the austerity-related problems we had ten years ago are still present but brexit has just eclipsed everything else, if anyone can envision a plasusible way for us to actually become a better and more compassionate society I'd love to hear it.
  10. A May-t With Destiny (Wed)

    This is basically just him trying to generate publicity for his mates' terrible-sounding Jonathan Pie-endorsed FREE SPEECH standup night isn't it.
  11. Ace Rvnning Clvb: Like the whippets thread but for running

    Yep, we had two, the one we went to was the boat one.
  12. Tues your destiny

    Congratulations on both things but in a different order to scaggy (don't want to look like I'm copying)
  13. Ace Rvnning Clvb: Like the whippets thread but for running

    Oh yeah we used to drink that when we first started going out, it was something like £1.50 with your 'yellow card', that or Carling, not a great choice. Still, might as well drink the least-worst of the two options.
  14. Ace Rvnning Clvb: Like the whippets thread but for running

    Can't remember what my first beer was, first started drinking stuff my mate Dave had nicked from his parents, mostly weird spirits like Bokma, which Google tells me is Dutch gin.
  15. Tues your destiny

    There aren't many things in the whole 100 I recognise but I like that Ravyn Lenae track (also quite liked the Nilüfer Yanya one I think or maybe it was another one of hers). Pistol Annies I just remember from Neil Young's Waging Heavy Peace where he keeps going on about their album and how great it'd sound on PONO.