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  1. That Was The Weekend That Was

    Just be your charming self like you are on Ace. I usually stick to a three second rule with eye contact, keep eye contact for three seconds look away and then smile, repeat.
  2. That Was The Weekend That Was

    I hope Pamela Doove doesn't mind if I call her Pammy, anyway..hiya Pammy! Bit cloudy here after 24hrs of pure rain & strong winds, not been out today and no plans either. Got Planet Rock on't DAB. Thinking of having beans on toast. How's everybody's Saturday going down?
  3. Friday, I'm on Ace! /rejected The Cure Lyrics

    Paint us a picture of your date Randy.
  4. Friday Afternoon World of Whippets

    Watch video of dog and MAGPIE who are best friends https://www.lancashiretelegraph.co.uk/news/16895381.watch-video-of-dog-and-magpie-who-are-best-friends/
  5. Friday, I'm on Ace! /rejected The Cure Lyrics

    Is your scalp still shaped like a penus!
  6. Friday, I'm on Ace! /rejected The Cure Lyrics

  7. Friday, I'm on Ace! /rejected The Cure Lyrics

    Can't believe no ones mentioned the film 'Final Score'. Big Dave Bautista pulling wheelies on a motorcycle on top of a football stadium and flying from one stand to the next, Pierce Brosnan is in it also, its one of those sky cinema original films released in the cinemas and on sky at the same time. It look's so ridiculous. Basically Sudden Death sequel.
  8. Friday, I'm on Ace! /rejected The Cure Lyrics

    Joni Mitchell, yeah yeah yeah doing a thing!
  9. Friday, I'm on Ace! /rejected The Cure Lyrics

    Who would thought people would be using Counting Crows & Vanessa Charlton lyrics on quotes about life.
  10. Friday, I'm on Ace! /rejected The Cure Lyrics

    Don't listen to him folks. I don't think that. He's just after the brownie points of Olly & Gube.
  11. WED you're smiling.

    Watched the recent remake when it dropped to Sky. Thought it was a bit silly, plus the new Pennywise clown had the worlds biggest head, and much like the original series the remake resorts to the ending of don't feed the fear. I don't find it scary, I do find the idea of a one man killing machine like a Michael Myers, slaying everyone in his path more scary.
  12. WED you're smiling.

    M8 I was like five that come out erm I actually got pretty creeped out when I got round to watching the original series.
  13. WED you're smiling.

    No. He's one of the producers. Its one of those Blumhouse productions jobs.
  14. WED you're smiling.

    I'd save your bucks or that funny card thing you have and wait for Halloween to drop on the 19th of October, they have marketed right, popular trending trailers on YouTube as well. I'm projecting it doing pretty good business. Can you believe that recent IT film grossed $700,000,000, only had a budget of $35,000,000, who in the blue hell went and watched that, it was crap!