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  1. I have no confidence in Wednesday

    They have not delivered it though have they. So I think I win that one.
  2. I have no confidence in Wednesday

    Same as most of Europe. Laughing stock.
  3. I have no confidence in Wednesday

    Sure the Irish, Welsh & Scots are loving this #BetterTogether.
  4. I have no confidence in Wednesday

    Eh? I watched The Hobbit but I preferred the LOTR movies tbh. This is all bollocks btw the whole parliament process. Back & forth shite.
  5. I have no confidence in Wednesday

    So the government survives a no confidence vote. What happens now? Explain it to me like I'm 8 years old.
  6. I have no confidence in Wednesday

    There's been a murder
  7. Sharticle 50 Tuesday

    Boxers. Haven't worn PJ's since I was like seven or something. NEXT!
  8. TV

    Anybody sinking their teeth into True Detective Season 3?
  9. Brexit crunch week Monday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Well I'm happy for another referendum GUBE. Pro Brexit folk with what devilhands is saying 'have cake and eat it' Brexit can remain gammonised & red faced all they want, but we getting a deal we don't want and a deal not what people were promised, and that's after a dozen trips to France for the EU to go "Thanks for taking the time to travel over here but I'm going to cross this/that off your list and you can like that & lump it, now here come the cameras smile and shake my hand". Brexit was won with 51.9% of people wanting to leave against 48.1% of people wishing to remain, I think the best course of action is a second referendum, voters baring in mind the absolute clusterfuck of the last two and a half years of failed promises & non negotiations when they have another vote.
  10. Brexit crunch week Monday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Erm we were the last to receive a brown bin(paper/cardboard) & blue bin (plastic/glass) for recycling but its OK now. Well...Friday night ended up having steak & chips & a couple of Lidl special lagers which were only 4.5% but I ended up with a mild hangover. Saturday..played GTA Online, watched MOTD and went bed, woke up with a cold, runny nose & sneezing & farting at the same time. Sunday..Had Chicken Stew with Roast spuds & watched Man Utd - Tottenham, after Utd won snuck outside Reeks living room window to see sitting there with a silent rage, face like Manchester rottweiler guy from Gogglebox. I can't quote on Firefox so I've had to drop to Chrome, which is not my preferred browser m8!
  11. Word in Kings Landing is that the teaser set in the crypts of Winterfell has more meaning to it in the upcoming season like a big battle at Winterfell against the Night King and his cronies. I have to say lads your choice in programme/TV series viewing is laughable outside GOT. Game Of Thrones is best TV show since The Sopranos ended, face facts lads. Bird Box, Better Call Saul, Black Mirror Baddersnatch, Ru Pauls Drag Racing, Better Call Saul etc don't even come close.
  12. Brexit crunch week Monday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Stick it in the appropriate thread eh guys, there's a good bunch of lads. EUREF 2016 SUPERTHREAD inc. The Nasty Party
  13. Another teaser dropped for Game Of Thrones returning for the final season on April 14th. Winters Coming!
  14. Hi guys it's the weekend

    Hmmm I'd have as permo manager, but if we did commit to that I would insist on getting at least a decade or more out of him as you can't keep sacking managers when you don't win every single game. He's a youngish manager with little bit of experience and with the right coaching team around him he's got the right level of enthusiasm to get the best of the current squad. Anybody seen this Warnock pro Brexit rant? Sat there wondering where in the world are his eyebrows. Not sure we need people from the world of football giving their Brexit opinions, we already usually get a daily update on where we currently sit with Brexit on the BBC & ITV news reports like we have for the last two years. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/av/football/46856129