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  1. Red Sky in the Morning - Communist Warning!

    Nah. Heard of Bishops Finger. Fine ale. Supposed to be the Pope's choice.
  2. Red Sky in the Morning - Communist Warning!

    Put it in reverse. Sounds a bit dirty that though.
  3. Red Sky in the Morning - Communist Warning!

    Grow up!
  4. Red Sky in the Morning - Communist Warning!

    Tweenies were a Teletubbie rip off. Remember walking around the school corridors with people singing the Teletubbies theme song and Barbie Song, I was watching Hey Arnold like all the cool kids.
  5. 2019 General Elrection Megathread

    Yeah but I'm already cringing now about seeing Boris stood on that podium outside number 10 doing 'let's get Brexit done'. I'm like who voted for him! Set Of Cunts!
  6. 2019 General Elrection Megathread

    Can we just say to people who won't accept the outcome of the election that your not allowed to whine about it after...like it or lump it!
  7. 2019 General Elrection Megathread

    All I've seen is a bunch of low foreheads who think they can change the world with dreams and talk. It's too late for that! If you're not ready to act give me a break and shut up.
  8. WWW

    You all set this over Christmas? Not quite old enough to remember the original series although I do recognize the character and I'm aware of its popularity. Can't wait for Worzels views on romance.
  9. 2019 General Elrection Megathread

    Austerity. Police & Fire Brigade cuts, Armed Forces cuts, council budgets slashed, Library closures. DWP running Job Centres like concentration camps. Those blasted Work Capability Assessments where you get a physio to give somebody a once over and declare somebody physically & mentally capable of holding a job down, stamp a form yep he/she's alright. Raising the pension ages for both male & female, some people are lucky to make it to 60, working in manual labour work can be taxing on the back & knees yet you try explaining that to the elite in parliament who sits on a bench picking their nose, having a nap and earn £90,000 a year talking shit, working well into their '70s because they have never had a manual labour job.
  10. WWW

    Ah. Who could forget that cake suspense scene...amirite!
  11. WWW

    Is it true the only time you ever went to the cinema was to watch Under Siege?
  12. Ten twenty AM on Tuesday

    She's only 16 years old!
  13. 2019 General Elrection Megathread

    She helped sort them at a friend's house, put them into separate piles for different teams to pick up & distribute.
  14. 2019 General Elrection Megathread

    Alright, Dave.