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  1. The "Saggy is Great" Easter Weekend Thread

    Salah diving yet again! Its every week. Yeah the defender has hold of him but its unnatural movement because Salah arches his back and ends up on the floor.
  2. The "Saggy is Great" Easter Weekend Thread

    What did you make of Bolton's favorite son Amir Khan getting his arse handed to to him by Terence Crawford early hours of this morning? He refused to fight in the 6th round Khan after what he said was a low blow looked like it hit the top of his thigh to me, Khans trainer stopped the fight. Glad I didn't pay for it. Probably Khan's last US fight, reports he got $5,000,000 for this fight.
  3. The "Saggy is Great" Easter Weekend Thread

    Still quietly seething about that result yet Scaggy and as great as you are I'm not thinking about food right now but don't push me because I will eat a fist full of wafer thin ham so help me god.
  4. The "Saggy is Great" Easter Weekend Thread

    I understand what you guys are saying but I have to say I still think the Man Utd Stadium tour is the best value for money tour in the UK.
  5. The "Saggy is Great" Easter Weekend Thread

    Everybody had a good day? Just about to crack open a coors light & find something to watch.
  6. I'm not sure the shows runners will explore Arya polishing Gendry's helmet, he's just their to harvest the dragon glass & make arrow tips & an weapon of choice for people. Maybe the design Arya give Gendry will lead to her offing one of the people on her 'list' like a big character or something. Expected more to be made of the Lannisters claim to the throne to be honest, all their is Cersei being widow of King Robert & all her kids who are dead were hers & Jamie's bastards & Lord Tywin is dead who had the most power in Westeros until he died on the privy.
  7. The "Saggy is Great" Easter Weekend Thread

    Yeah! Gonna do some scouting tomorrow...I mean looking for on offer Easter Eggs! I usually go for Yorkie, cause you get a free mug & two Yorkie bars, but if I come across a Kit Kat Chunky Egg first I'll get that instead. You know what Stumpy. I genuinely don't think I've eaten a traditional Kit-Kat since the chunky were introduced, just let that sink in.
  8. The "Saggy is Great" Easter Weekend Thread

    Haven't got any, Stumpy. Sorry.
  9. The "Saggy is Great" Easter Weekend Thread

    Had turkey burgers for dinner two of them, lean meat. Slice of cheese on the meat, salad & big tomatoes. Diet starts Monday need to shift 40 pounds by August.
  10. The "Saggy is Great" Easter Weekend Thread

    Homeless Australian man reunited with lost rat pet by police https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-australia-47986147
  11. Very nice. But has Azaelia had a 50+ year career? Rode an horse in a music video & had an epic saxophone solo in the middle of her best known song? I don't so...Tina's 80 this year m8.
  12. Do I have to spell it out thur you?

    Came across this earlier in one of the sewers of the internet. 'David Attenborough - "We're running out of time to save the planet." A personal message to Sir David: (Because you probably check in with Sickipedia quite regularly!) You've spent the past half a century amassing a £27M fortune, how have you done this? By jetting all over the world dragging an entourage of cameramen, sound recordists, producers, etc. with you. You are personally accountable for burning hundreds of tons of jet fuel! Factor in the quadrillions of hours that your programmes have clocked up on hundreds of millions of TV sets all across the world and this electricity usage would have taken the contents of several coal mines to generate. David Attenborough (Productions) Ltd is a gross polluter, easily outstripping the pollution generated by some small undeveloped nations. Prince Charles & the rest of the Saxe-Coburg-Gothas. are always lecturing us about climate change whilst driving Aston Martins, Rollers, Range Rovers and taking up entire jumbo jets or superyachts for pleasure. You're a bit brighter than them Sir David, can't you smell the hypocrisy on yourself? You reek of it?' Apologize for the poor grammar. Don't agree with it obviously.
  13. Lot's of unlucky people in the world. One fellow was swimming the English Channel, he had no arms & no legs and he got cramp in his ears.
  14. Do I have to spell it out thur you?

    Grow up in the rugged north, his dad wanted him to be a boxer but Billie stumbles upon a ballet class and finds a passion for it, his dad puts his head in his hands. His ballet teacher Mrs Thompson's wicked mouth & endless supply of cigarettes reinvigorates her zest for teaching when she sees Billies potential.
  15. Its really easy to pick apart something when you over-analyze it. I could take apart The Walking Dead quite easily. Its so corny, there's usually a minor/major character killed off every other episode when a walker creeps up behind them breathing heavily making funny noises, the character will make faces like theirs definitely a walker right behind me close enough to kill me and then die or the writers will save them for a few more episodes and have Daryl crossbow the walker from 750 feet away in the same forest since the show began. Then you have Negan and his band of misfits...strutting around with a Cheshire cat like smile with his baseball bat 'Lucille' rested over his shoulder. And then you have Eugene with the worlds greatest mullet who look's like a cross between the honky tonk man and 1970's era Elvis Presley, who can't make his mind up which side he's on. Everybody on the show talks like their from Southern America. The walkers strength vary's all the time between being able to take down a 1200 pound cow & a fully grown man & then struggling to grab hold of a young small infant. The character development moves at an absolute snail pace.