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  1. This is the end of the week

    Hope you were wearing your kevlar vest.
  2. Britain Thurs

    Just walked back from Tesco extra. Got a few bits, walked past this bloke sitting outside Tesco looking a bit withered so I put some change in his flapcap, he said cheers mate, then he started strumming a tune and sang "When I was young it seemed life was so wonderful, a miracle..." I said that's Supertramp, he said thanks mate, didn't look happy.
  3. 5. Wed

    Uncle Ben has died. No more Mr. Rice Guy!
  4. Thread For The Beautiful Game

    Dean Saunders: Ex-footballer told police 'I only had one pint' (Contains Video of Charge) https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-merseyside-49522290
  5. F R R R I I I D A A A Y Y

  6. Your politics-free weekend post

    Absolutely pissed it down all weekend so far, that fine stuff that wets you through. Tenderloin pork for dinner, along with all the trimmings. Had a small bowl of ice-cream & a wagon wheel, just contemplating life.
  7. Brexit, Day 1

    Be interesting to see a photographic history of Theresa Mays face over the last two years of Brexit. Her face is aging like a stale quaver.
  8. Trailer has dropped for Season 8, finally. Doesn't give away too much apart from a massive battle with the undead, maybe more than one. Straps yourselves in.
  9. When Saturday Comes...

    Are Wes having a good Sunday folks? Been drizzly & overcast here all day, was expecting it to be windy as it was yesterday but no wind to report, has storm freya arrived in the south west yet Ace, any Acers round there to confirm? Anyway just settling in for the merseyside derby with a banana FRijj milshake.
  10. Thursder Inc.

    Its no 'Oh Girl' though is it, I mean that's basic!
  11. WED you're smiling.

    Watched the recent remake when it dropped to Sky. Thought it was a bit silly, plus the new Pennywise clown had the worlds biggest head, and much like the original series the remake resorts to the ending of don't feed the fear. I don't find it scary, I do find the idea of a one man killing machine like a Michael Myers, slaying everyone in his path more scary.
  12. Bank Holyday weekend

  13. Fantasy League 2018/19

    Piece of piss! Get yourself in Stumpy we need the numbers.