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  1. Thurs Of Tha Month

    Genuinely don't mean to upset anybody. Some times its a little hard to judge how to take some people whether their reply's are genuine or mickey taking, I don't mind anybody on this forum. I'll try and improve on my content & posting style. I'm not biggest fan of politics in general, so my interest & attention can wain when that's the main discussion. But for now 21 Pages & 308 reply's later..its good to see Ace still has a solid bloodline.
  2. Thurs Of Tha Month

    I'm out for an hour now, I've tried my best to lift this thread for the last hour. I'm sure somebody will entertain you when I'm away. Excuse me.
  3. Thurs Of Tha Month

    Surprised she mentioned Boycott really. I think a person in her position would choose somebody who is a bit of a maverick. Somebody who does 'that' to the system, Its Ian Botham.
  4. Thurs Of Tha Month

    Yeah. Signed, unsealed, delivered.
  5. Thurs Of Tha Month

    Yeah just not on its own.
  6. Thurs Of Tha Month

    Quit worrying. You'll be back on your knees in no time.
  7. Thurs Of Tha Month

    I don't. Hate is a strong word. Like a strong cheese. I think its safe to say possibly the rest of Wu Tang had better solo albums than ODB.
  8. Thurs Of Tha Month

    For me Wu Tang Clan for you Salt-N-Pepper.
  9. Thurs Of Tha Month

    Get up get up get up, wake up wake up wake up..get out! Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery some say but also the lowest form of creativity.
  10. Thurs Of Tha Month

    Its an old school hip hop song by hip hops second best group Bone Thugs & Harmony.
  11. Thurs Of Tha Month

    Nobody has asked me about the thread title yet.
  12. Thurs Of Tha Month

    Somewhere in that there London in a taxi chunkymark is frothing at the mouth and blowing a gasket.
  13. Thurs Of Tha Month

    Nicole Sturgeon is apparently feeling pressure to call a new Scottish independence vote.
  14. Thurs Of Tha Month

    Anybody mentioned FUCK THA POUND plunging? Well I just have.
  15. Thurs Of Tha Month

    Exoplanet discovered around neighbouring star https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/science-environment-46196279