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  1. The Mondays

    that was fucking amazing
  2. The Mondays

    might do a big one in the main thread tomorrow. you know those Mitchell and Webb sketches about the pair of screenwriters who don't do any research and base their plots on ancient cliches?
  3. new thraed

    I don't see popularity.
  4. The Mondays

    just been to see Hunter Killer
  5. new thraed

    i would have thrown you out too but my parent loved me!
  6. new thraed

    no it isn't, all your stuff is still at home, you go home for 22 weeks a year, don't be daft.
  7. new thraed

    going to uni isn't moving out!
  8. new thraed

    25 isn't that late at all for our generation. some of us are still there in our mid-30s.
  9. new thraed

    curse you for foiling my hilarious gag.
  10. new thraed

    did you last til the end?
  11. new thraed

    poor Doctor Pineapple
  12. The Mondays

    I honestly think he means they look the same because of the CCTV.
  13. The Mondays

    what do you think.
  14. The Mondays

    they are two things that happened this year, yes.
  15. The Mondays

    yes they used Novichok poisoning to chop his body up into little pieces.