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  1. Thursdale ➕

    MATTHEW that's it
  2. Thursdale ➕

    is it Michael?
  3. Books

    i remember seeing Michael Palin in Africa getting shown the Coriolanus effect on either side of the Equator, it was amazing.
  4. Thursdale ➕

    This guy gets it.
  5. Books

  6. Thursdale ➕

    Nesi has a thing where he leaves Skips to go stale and then they're nice, might be Quavers actually. I bloody love prawn cocktail though, slice of buttered brown bread, chicken in a basket, knickerbocker glory, lovely.
  7. Thursdale ➕

    you should have been here last summer when the bins went uncollected for six weeks, NOT! (you shouldn't have been here last summer when the bins went uncollected for six weeks)
  8. Thursdale ➕

    err dunno actually, direct debit so i don't pay any notice. THINK it's already come this year though.
  9. Thursdale ➕

    I think Dodgy are one too
  10. Films

    literally only just got this.
  11. Thursdale ➕

    "different running order every night!" Reef/Wildhearts/Terrorvision/special guests Wildhearts/Terrorvision/Reef/special guests Terrorvision/Reef/Wildhearts/special guests
  12. Films

    the gif is only representative of the last 20 minutes of the film.
  13. Thursdale ➕

    too hot.
  14. Thursdale ➕

    maybe he was carrying a bottle of bourbon and some cups.
  15. Films

    Rampage Never played the game but this was only very loosely based on it. It was clichéd beyond belief, stupid, corny, plotless, appallingly acted, BUT it was the most fun I've had watching a film for a long long time, fantastically brilliant carnage, Dwayne the Rock Johnson does what he do, (spoiler, when he's signing to the gorilla his sign for "me" is "Rock"), the villains are hilariously bad, like they are totally corny 80s B movie villains and it works perfectly, it was seriously fucking violent, like people getting chomped, thrown violently against walls, helicopters getting bashed, huge blood splats when people get killed by falling debris and honestly I have never laughed harder at any film ever than I did at the last scene, I swear to god. I give this five bags of popcorn and three canisters of genetic mutation, 8/10