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  1. Coffee and a Naan Weekend

    see Scaggy, could be worse, you could have a bike.

    you know hwhat, I think this is quite nice! I'm sure they'd appreciate it.

    LICENSED TO ILL Rhymin and Stealin: this opens very very strongly, it's got a strong sound, this actually sounds a lot like the sound they run with going on. rock guitars and shouty rapping, this is the pure essence of the Beastie Boys. It also tells you very succinctly what exactly it is they do. for an opening song on a debut hip hop album by fuckin JEWS this is just brilliant. The New Style: oh! four and three and two and one.;... presumably they're going to hit a killer rhyme off of that reversal? nope. frat boy shit is kicking in here. the music here reminds me a LOT of nlegendary UK rap geezer Derek B. Some scratching, fine, i do find myself popping my neck from time to time so it's a decent beat. oh! FIRST MMMMMMMMMDROP in Beasties history! guess it's not theirs but you never know. Ends very VERY tamely, should have cut it after the last rhyme. She's Crafty: just drums up to "weeeeeeeeeeeeellllll" I do like a good "weeeeeeellllllllll" tbh. i like this beat, it's more like an orchestral percussion sound than a drum kit. well now it's a drum kit, which is fine because let's be honest, the beats are one thing that the Beasties nail on every single song even if it's shit, which this one is, a bit. Goes on too long, literally no need for the last chorus Posse In Effect: oof horrible production on this, it's a fine line because they go here a fucking lot (must stop pre-empting but it's hard). still nodding along though, I mean this is another quality, they've got the fucking pace right, always the right pace. notable that they've got more vibes than [the other posse's] whole crew. Slow Ride: I KNOW THIS SAMPLE it's great. other than that it's just shouty. just sounds like three Jewish lads bragging about all the pussy they get and tbh I don't believe them at this point. Girls: god this shitty keyboard riff is intolerable. and it don't stop. can't even hear the fucking lyrics which I'm assured are horrible, all i can hear is the fuckin keyboard AND IT'S STILL NOT STOPPED oh they mentioned laundry, well that's fair enough, nope back to this horrible keyboard, fucking awful. Fight For Your Right: this is a fucking 10 on 10 and will not brook any quarter, also I think brooking quarters should be much more common, This is frat boys, partying, and the rapping is so on point with the rhythm, I mean how was this never done before? It's so perfect and so fun. Andrew WK probably surpassed it but I wonder if he could have done so without the Beasties. No Sleep Til Brooklyn: more rock guitars. drums just dum dum TSH. very simplistic, so I reckon they were expecting people to listen to the lyrics, and that's not my strongpoint. I don't think I've ever really heard this other than in films or whatever. I do love the guitar riff. The rapping is fine. it's fine. nothing more to say about this, it's fine, wasn't ever a fave of mine. Apparently this was the SIXTH single from this album! pretty cool guitar solo at the end. Paul Revere: this is stripped back rapping, I kinda like the idea. the rapping is a bit shit tho. pulling a shotGUN particularly shite. nope, don't like this at all. shit production, shit rapping, no music at all. God it doesn't fucking end! Had Nesi given up by this point? Hold It, Now Hit It: wow this is the first one I've been like, I don't hate it but i don't like it. they're just talking, talking. they do go oh, this is my name, I'm MCA, this is Ad Rock, this is Mike D, they're doing the ting the do all the time in the future (STOP REFERENCING FUTURE ALBUMS) it's a bit annoying though. Brass Monkey: did Stumpy say he liked this? Someone said he liked it. Fuck me this is intolerable. Have we all agreed that this and GIRLS are just fucking balls? WORST FUCKING SONG EVER Slow and Low: Yeah this is cool, that *DUN* synth riff sound they use so often. It does go a bit minimal at times which is boring. it's so annoying to me that I don't have a name that can fit with a rap band, like Mike D is so fucking plain but it works, can you imagine "Olly W" maybe Olly Dubs, still shit. Really need some Ollys to get some rap bands going. Time to Get Ill: wicked sample, FORESHADOWING. oh shit there are fucking LOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAADS of samples on this one, fair fucking fucks. It does seem to be a far more complete song than many on this album. pointless drum stuff at the end. FINAL SCORE: 6/10 plenty of innovative, thrilling stuff, some absolute shite.
  4. touch me, touch me, I wanna feel your thursday

    hate sleaford mods, weirdly love The Streets, no accounting for taste.
  5. touch me, touch me, I wanna feel your thursday

    Slave-oh, don't make it bad.
  6. touch me, touch me, I wanna feel your thursday

    hey the Beatles played some gigs in Hamburg iirc, do you like the Beatles
  7. touch me, touch me, I wanna feel your thursday

    speaking of safety deposit boxes, seen the trailer for the Hatton Garden film starring Michael Caine, Jim Broadbent, Ray Winstone, Michael Gambon probably, just a bunch of lovable old rogues and nothing but a harmless jape, makes me fucking sick, will NOT be watching, would rather watch The Darkest Minds again and that was a RIGHT load of old shite.
  8. touch me, touch me, I wanna feel your thursday

    i would have to say Vermeer's "The Concert" which i stumbled on in a little bricabrac shop in Soho.
  9. touch me, touch me, I wanna feel your thursday

    don't write in saying "my house AAHHHH" you wankers
  10. touch me, touch me, I wanna feel your thursday

    would that it t'whirr so simple.
  11. touch me, touch me, I wanna feel your thursday

    Ironically I DO have contents insurance and the only time i've been broken into nothing was stolen that came close to the excess. i don't think I own anything that isn't in the kitchen that's worth the value of the excess. i should stop paying for contents insurance.
  12. touch me, touch me, I wanna feel your thursday

    I have to say, that really really doesn't seem like a lot.
  13. Back once again with the renegade monday

    Looks like Saggy chose the wrong decade to give up drinking.
  14. Back once again with the renegade monday

  15. touch me, touch me, I wanna feel your thursday

    yeah i mean it's not gridlocked 24 hours a day/ the M25