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  1. Films

  2. Films

    Colette. I have never been a fan period costume dramas, and I went to see this simply because with my Limitless card, the more films I see the less each ones cost, It was absolutely BRILLIANT. It felt so modern. Dominic West was absolutely fantastic as the arrogant, charismatic, and yet slightly scared publisher; his young wife is actually a better writer than him. Keira Knightly is splendid as the lead.and it's easy to dismiss her performance. It's absolutely brilliant, it evokes so many issues, I mean I can't explain this without spoilng. I mean there's sexual politics and this is fin de ciecle I LOVED it. and I'm not someone who has ever enjoyed period dramas. Prior to The Favourite anyway.
  3. I have no confidence in Wednesday

    I'd fucking love to know what Kuenssberg thinks should happen next.
  4. I have no confidence in Wednesday

    so a bunch of prods are out in Coleraine for a curry, the owner comes out and says "what would you gentlemen like to order" and the most bastardly of them goes "hey Ghandi, where are you from?" and the owner goes "I am originally from Delhi" and the bastard goes "THAT'S LONDONDELHI TO YOU YOU MICK CUNT"
  5. I have no confidence in Wednesday

    anyone want to hear my NI unionists joke?
  6. I have no confidence in Wednesday

    Dems are blue!
  7. I have no confidence in Wednesday

    Sinn Fein should buddy up with some SNP MPs
  8. Films

    I thought the physical impression was great during the routines, even during the routines offstage.
  9. Sharticle 50 Tuesday

    The Czech Republic's Mlada Fronta Dnes has had enough. Over a cartoon of the Mr Bean comedy character, it complains that the British "are really overdoing it with their crazy humour!" yeah well fuck you Mlada Fronta Dnes, your name's absolutely fucking ridiculous.
  10. I have no confidence in Wednesday

    Much much older than I recall.
  11. Sharticle 50 Tuesday

    he denied fucking a pig's head as well though didn't he. i mean i don't think he's a particularly honest man.
  12. I have no confidence in Wednesday

    thinking maybe you picked the wrong instrument to dedicate yourself to.
  13. I have no confidence in Wednesday

    that was when bono killed millions of kids by clicking his fingers wasn't it. like a Thanos for the 2000s.
  14. I have no confidence in Wednesday

    it *was* an enjoyable ten minutes. [/JD from Scrubs internal monologue]