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  1. 'twixt Friday and Monday.

    Anyone marching in London? Bunch of my students are off, bless em
  2. he jumped onto page 74 of a thread about TTWAP to say he never liked Alan Partridge, he is not trying to get a hospitable reaction
  3. he left because of the Bobby Papers thing but he really didn't like me at all. I didn't ever go in on him harshly.
  4. weekend plans FRI: just done lecture, off for a haircut, up to Liverpool this evening SAT: early to Bolton for a TV songwriting session! 4 new songs to practice out of 9 ready for next album. Evening brings pizza & going to see Minding the Gap at the cinema SUN: potter about, hope the weather is nice, wouldn't mind having a little walk in Formby forest.
  5. yeah of the Big Three I've been accused of bullying off the board I think Munit has a legit case insert incoherent and weirdly violent dh-style rant about something no one cares about really i see you've been having fun this morning!
  6. Dad, I'm THURSDAY, Hi Thursday I'm Dad.

    87 per cent in my kingdom, bastard, COME AND SEE
  7. Dad, I'm THURSDAY, Hi Thursday I'm Dad.

    yeah I mean this petition has to be discussed but it's sort of been dismissed anyway and is mostly strong in Remain constituencies, I don't see it having any impact
  8. Dad, I'm THURSDAY, Hi Thursday I'm Dad.

    1,214,654 signatures only 1.8% of my constituency https://petitionmap.unboxedconsulting.com/?petition=241584
  9. Dad, I'm THURSDAY, Hi Thursday I'm Dad.

    just searching for club names with those initials for 45 mins on wikip