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  1. Films

    UNDERGROUND Serbian film and 1995 winner of the Palme D'or and probably the best new-to-me film I've seen in 2018, a year in which I watched a hell of a lot of films. Absurd take on the history of the Balkans since 1941 told through two war profiteers. Toward the end of WW2 one of them gets injured and has to stay in the underground hideout and the other one, sensing a chance to steal his wife and get a cushy job as Tito's mate, doesn't bother to tell his friend or their comrades that the war has ended when it does. So they all stay...underground...awaiting the signal to come out and kill the fascists while their mate gets rich and powerful. The story (and I've only covered maybe 25% of it there) is told in this absurdist tar-black satirical style that wouldn't work if it wasn't made by a bunch of people probably actually recently bereaved and peeling off war scars. The band above seem to be constantly playing. A zoo is bombed and loads of the surviving animals end up living in houses and the underground. It's like Vic & Bob consulted on it at times, except it heightens the madness and anger rather than makes it into a farce. Proper amazing stuff really. Some people won't get on with it and some will find it heavy-handed in parts. But I thought if was magnificent. The 1994 Palme was Pulp Fiction and the year after was Secrets & Lies. Other 90s winners include: Taste of Cherry, Barton Fink, Wild At Heart, and The Piano. I like all of those films. And this is better that those. 10
  2. Baby it's cold inside

    Miserable weather on day trip to Oxford, now train is foooked on way home, gr8 stuff
  3. Baby it's cold inside

    Little warmer here but wet.
  4. The FRIght Profile

    Must have monoxide at his last place, no 3pm slump anymore
  5. The FRIght Profile

  6. The FRIght Profile

    go on
  7. The FRIght Profile

    actually my mum & dad leave out the carrot for Rudolf and a glass of sherry for Santa, this caused my nephew (who lives with my parents) to ask his mum why she doesn't do that, "cos e int real is he, it's me what gets your xbox"
  8. The FRIght Profile

    i chose that emoji reaction as it best reminds of a Polish woman not getting it
  9. The FRIght Profile

    I leave a saucer of milk for Randy's mum's pu *vaudeville crook*
  10. The FRIght Profile

    tin of Celebrations
  11. The FRIght Profile

    ugh softball question, "do you ever feel like jacking it all in Prime Minster?", "BRIGHTER FUTURE VARIATION 0006"
  12. The FRIght Profile

    she's a very reasonable person but I also want to
  13. The FRIght Profile

    Maybot press conf., saying nothing as usual, journalists hounding her but head is in the clouds
  14. The FRIght Profile

    I have to go reasonably high as she's got me a nice walking jaiket.
  15. The FRIght Profile

    she wants a nice art print and to have it framed. this will probably be after Christmas as I am living on beans until February payday.