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  1. Tue Me, Tue You

    just realised that Angst/Ace is in its 4th decade
  2. Tue Me, Tue You

    sour "cream" and chive, which is probably my favourite flavour of the chipped and fried starch varieties
  3. Tue Me, Tue You

    oh you live by the sea now?
  4. Tue Me, Tue You

    just tried Scaggy-recommended crisps Hummus Chips. better than a regular crisp, maybe at the level of a Mini Cheddar or a Popchip
  5. Tue Me, Tue You

    i get that!
  6. @Burch if you like that then you might this pop turn I became aware of a couple of weeks ago
  7. Tue Me, Tue You

    I used to get Phillipa Forrester mixed up with Sophie Aldred, the assistant to Sylvester McCoy's Dr. Who, even though they're not that alike. More at 7. Chris.
  8. Tue Me, Tue You

    basically if they're poor it's fine as it must for real, whereas if you're rich then it's weird.
  9. Tue Me, Tue You

    depends, is he rich or not?
  10. I like Kikagaku Moyo just fine, thanks. They're no Dexys, obv. song proper starts at 1.55 but I love the intro
  11. Tue Me, Tue You

    That granny seems great. Get yourself a big wang love.
  12. Tue Me, Tue You

    there's a big Brexit Countdown night happening in Bolton, we were asked to play it!!!!!!!!!!1
  13. Tue Me, Tue You

    just post some good music!
  14. Tue Me, Tue You

    like Primus without the humour or hooks
  15. Tue Me, Tue You

    Jaga Jazzist are ok but find them a bit Tortoise for people with short attention spans