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  1. Cummings resigns

    woke at 6.25, leapt out of bed to get to Tesco, gets busy at like 6.30, arrived around 6.45, it was shut, checked my phone, in my bleariness "5" looked like "6" so i had to queue for 15 minutes which was fine but also what i was trying to avoid
  2. Cummings resigns

    yeah I like some Liquid Liquid (the main songs) but their songs were used better in samples to be honest. ESG were better.
  3. the BBC report of that story is pathetic in its neutrality, if you can't openly say that bollocks is bollocks then we're fucked
  4. Books

    smashed the last 3 Adrian Mole books as my bathtime/bog books, all very funny and remind you of weird political details about 1997-2007 that I'd forgotten
  5. Can't move forward? Hit ReThurs!

    given that they haven't deleted one tweet, merely said "this one* is possibly horseshit" i have no idea what he's up to (i do, don't answer)
  6. Can't move forward? Hit ReThurs!

    the irony of that Randy just excerpted is it describes Trump/Bannon/Cummings-ism perfectly and yet it's meant to be a takedown of commies and assorted do-gooders.
  7. Can't move forward? Hit ReThurs!

    Atlas Shrugged is so so mindbogglingly shit
  8. Films

    stopped reading after the first one, it's produced by Errol Morris and Werner Herzog who had been making documentaries like that since the 70s
  9. Can't get past the first line without my eyes filling up
  10. We love you Wednesday, we do!

    freak folk, baggy flares
  11. We love you Wednesday, we do!

    Queuing at the bank to change my address, stupid security conscious bastards
  12. Sunset Tues

    i personally hope to avoid the courts for the entirety of my life so would always avoid suing unless it were completely obvious that i would win situation is all fucked though
  13. Sunset Tues

    not really
  14. Bank HOTiday Monday

    always thought them a bit lightweight, originality or not, and the way they let it go to their heads after 1 ok album is saaaaaaaaaaad
  15. Sunset Tues

    she's up and down but looking after her youngest sibling brings out the best in her, which might mean i have to de-rubber soon