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  1. Weekend thread!

    On my way to Wigan v Southampton, here is my evergreen prediction
  2. Weekend thread!

    The pub we played in a lot in Bolton had a banned regular drive a Land Rover into it to try and kill the landlord. Nearly did. Killed himself awaiting trial, so...
  3. Films

    You Were Never Really Here - like Drive if it was a good film. 8/10
  4. Netflix Recommendation Thread

    Wormwood looks good after one episode. Erroll Morris doc about MK Ultra.
  5. why do we have to fri?

    It's meeeerderrrr /Liverpool 1 http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-43433552

    anyone can write a slowdown!

    God it'll be a 5 star iTunes nesi classic like I Saw The Stars From Mercury In Venus Transit to Apollo by Crippled Black Dad
  8. why do we have to fri?


    this is the worst pricktease ever

    Swagger Jagger by Cher Lloyd

    Controversial but both have merits

    wrt to BoRha being different bits welded together they flag it up in the title

    Interesting to me is that there's only like 5 years between Deacon and the Seinfeld looking guy in Yo La Tengo

    thing is, Deacon is carrying a copy of the Daily Mail there, whereas Taylor might be a socialist with no tas...no, can't pretend

    would like the jury to know I was writing this and made a similar point to Scagsworth independently, I will put it in italics A NIGHT AT THE OPERA as I write and listen this there are 10 future gammonface men across the road in suits off to the races some of whom are wearing loafers and no socks but most of whom are dressed like shit country Mumfords and as such I can not in good conscience give '39' a pass because it sounds a bit like that sort of bumpkin emotional folk. that said - this is the second album in a row May has cottoned onto a future trend by accident. okay, let's divide this up into positive and negative. the +ve: the opener (though the lyrics are too camp to be threatening or hard-sounding) is a cool hard-prog fist-pumper. 'Lazing' is a nod to the Kinks and it's short so fine. Deacon's 'You're My Best Friend' is Quen finally understanding the needs of the common man to get an in on this group and it delivers strongly - there's a reason this crops up in TV and film and not March of the Black Quen! It's also a good song, I'm not just saying it's good because it's popular and normal. Very warm. The hook is so strong and yet it only appears twice! It says in my notes I thought 'Seaside Rendezvous' is 'cheeky' but I can't remember it. Then comes the first series of breakthroughs, all on Side B - The Prophet's Song (their best full-on Magic The Gathering proglore multiball tunelet), Love of My Life (very sweet and nice harping), BoRap (i still think this is total magic), that's 17 minutes of good thoughtful heartfelt and slightly weird music. and May is serving the songs rather than wanging about like Jimmy Page's animated farts. the -ve: the aforementioned 39 is guff and I just hate songs that portent doom named things like 'Sweet Lady', what is point this song. Brian May is so wildly inconsistent, it's either Prophet Song Brighton Rock Keep Yourself Alive Everything We Do Is Driven By You or it is a bag full of Anita Dobson's actual sick. I don't hate his Good Company as much but any 1920s stuff is just middle class idiots dressed as flappers and Paloma Faith and none shall pass my door. sub -ve and channelling new realms of shit is Roger Taylor's one about his car. just. fuck. off. mate. and. fuck. off. while. you're. at. it. neither Arthur nor Martha is the GSTQ closer which is obviously just to keep the thing going about having a song on the record with Quen in the title, whatever. 6.5