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  1. Red Sky in the Morning - Communist Warning!

    are you still trapped in a loveless marriage
  2. Red Sky in the Morning - Communist Warning!

    Someone has not been reading the zeitgeist papers
  3. Red Sky in the Morning - Communist Warning!

    Bishops Stortford, sounds like a Silicon Fen job then near Cam by car but the train from Cambridge to Stansted takes a while and costs a bomb
  4. really taken with that Su Tissue record, needs an urgent reissue imo i think most of the best stuff i've heard this year is not from this year. might make a reissue/new to me list as well as my top 20. stuff like Michael O'Shea and Peter Blegvad.
  5. Red Sky in the Morning - Communist Warning!

    Tweenies existed in the bit where I stopped watching kid's stuff because I was stoned, and before I started watching kid's stuff with my friends and their kids, literally no concept of them at all
  6. Red Sky in the Morning - Communist Warning!

    never heard that Louise song that has the same sample as 'Shame on a N***a' by Wu Tang Clan! Mrs GUBE and her sisters have the same kind of Irish thing going on as the Corrs and there isn't a Jim around either! That said the others are into prosecco, instagram influencers, and New Age things, so I'd rather bang a David Icke-style mental bloke!
  7. Red Sky in the Morning - Communist Warning!

    don't hurt GUBE
  8. 2019 General Elrection Megathread

    https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/av/election-2019-50663879/general-election-2019-how-do-grimsby-s-food-bank-users-want-to-vote bloke forced to move from Margate to Grimsby to be able to afford to live in temporary accomo, realises this is a MASSIVE election for people like him, likes everything Boris is saying CON 400+
  9. 2019 General Elrection Megathread

  10. Red Sky in the Morning - Communist Warning!

    have to say this but Will Ferrell is film herpes
  11. not been seen in the public eye since https://theoutline.com/post/7399/searching-for-su-tissue-suburban-lawns?zd=1&zi=vuoy6ler
  12. 2019 General Elrection Megathread

    we're allowed 1 x off topic card per day in subject threads, you know the rules
  13. heard the full album, it's basically this track three times (this is the final part) but it really works. big fan. great find @Brent Lampton
  14. sounds nothing like them
  15. 2019 General Elrection Megathread

    he's still unsettled from last night, go easy on Teardrop