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  1. Tueday is your day bro

    they kahnot spell and fear a khanate
  2. Tueday is your day bro

    oh hey bb been in Oxford
  3. not running. would love to but can't really. started doing weights and floor exercises a bit too.
  4. I did 2500k one year. Feels mad now I think about it. Would literally walk to work and back and then go for a run of at least 10k. Simpler times.
  5. Philip Seymour Hoffmonday

    White Magic have been going a while. I saw them at ATP in 2005, I think. Good. Witchy. Or was that Faun Fables? I forget. Got a couple of mates who work for Carillion, they're a big employer in Manchester. I whatsapped one to say "does this Carillion thing affect you?" and she was like "I just got out of bed." More when we have it. Chris. To you. Chris. decent weekend, walked over the Wrekin on Saturday and then yesterday cycled to Bromsgrove and back.
  6. Happy Weekend

    pre-recorded. they also went through multiple Basil Brush operators and loads of the kids employed were utter shit. mass firings on Boxing Day. sounded like a right laugh.
  7. Happy Weekend

    a pal of mine just did a run in panto with Mike Read. no stories! keeps himself to himself!
  8. Do You Come From A Land Down MON-der?

    I remember it as if it were yesterday. The guy in the pic looked like Carl Weathers.
  9. Happy Weekend

    never liked Aziz Ansari or his stupid smug little show so fuck OFF been for fun ride today, up to Bromsgrove and back skirting Hatcher Country, very verdant isn't it Roy
  10. Happy Weekend

  11. Happy Weekend

    that train driver is someone, or someone who used to be someone, can't place him
  12. Happy Weekend

    went for nice walk - train to Wellington, over the Wrekin, down into Leighton, saw some of the most odious pimple-faced junior toff simpletons ever coming back from a shooting party, onto Ironbridge (see pic), the west of England guys, nature's Alton Towers imo
  13. Friddy Cent

    it's the wrong David honey
  14. Friddy Cent

    you just couldn't write anything as well as that, better than nearly all stand-up
  15. Friddy Cent

    were there any...flavours in there Braille?