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  1. Brexit

    20's pafffetic, if that is the total... reckon she'd perhaps survive the vote anyway.
  2. Foggy Friday

    Plough on, snapping off wing mirrors as I go.
  3. Foggy Friday

    think we're all frazzled and fed up!
  4. Foggy Friday

    This fella's photo is cracking me right up.
  5. Foggy Friday

    number one rule is don't tell anyone when you're taking your driving test, think it's page 1, para. 1 of the highway code.
  6. Thurs Of Tha Month

    Shit! did not see this coming: https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2018/nov/15/johnny-bobbitt-gofundme-scam-arrest-viral-gas-story-couple-charged Last I heard about this story the homeless fella was suing the couple bcs he never received any of the cash and they'd supposedly been spending it!
  7. Brexit

    good, good. sounds like the prognosis might be better than expected!
  8. Brexit

    ribcage. sleeping on your back? snoring away, i expect!
  9. Brexit

    how's the old xylophone, olly?
  10. Thurs Of Tha Month

  11. Thurs Of Tha Month

    randy thinks they're all hopeless.
  12. Thurs Of Tha Month

    really hope hampster hammond is squirrelled away, preparing a bloody putsch.
  13. Thurs Of Tha Month

  14. Thurs Of Tha Month

    dude's just done "your" hotel california gag, randy.
  15. Thurs Of Tha Month

    it's naivety, clutching at straws and hoping for a breakthrough, and being unable to realistically evaluate what's going. her language last night was totally tone deaf, imo, in reiterating she's delivering on the referendum / that this is brexit, proper... having got to this point, though, really not sure what she can do, apart from plug on.