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  1. Brexit

    At LAST a privately educated Sandhurst graduating bloody hard worker being given a chance in life.
  2. Foggy Friday

    Wonder how @amnesiac /@amnesiac interactive PLC is getting on in Norfolk.
  3. Films

    I do hate everything (lowest common denominator shit)!
  4. Brexit

    That's only the ones that have put their name to it tho! There must be in the 40s, but yeah not convinced at all she'd lose the vote itself.
  5. Films

    Hah don't listen to me (necessarily)! I'm a right miserable twat! Proper confused how not one reviewer has slagged this off tho, not even Slant and they slag off basically EVERYTHING (that isn't a b&w macedonian documentary about turnip farming)
  6. Films

    The Ballad of Buster Scruggs - new coen brothers film made up of six short stories, all of them set in the American West in the 1880s.. some better than others but none of them not good (except maybe the last one which was just ok). Tom Waits was brilliant in his one. You can probably file this under the dictionary definition of v enjoyable fluff and for that reason I will give it a 7.5/10
  7. Foggy Friday

    Well yes. After all what if a bike then turns up after the lights have gone red.
  8. Films

    Widows - Not seen one negative review for this so I am definitely going to look a bit well 'ard when I say that I thought it was absolutely rubbish. Really expected a LOT more from the man who made Hunger (Hunger ffs!). OK it's a heist movie and not meant to be massively realistic or anything and I'm always willing to take films on their own terms (which is why I actually really enjoyed the last mission impossible) but this did not work on those terms at all. The sort of film that only makes sense if you spend literally not a second thinking about why anything is happening because none of the characters motivations make any sense at all (wouldn't even say there were any properly defined characters, they were all pure cyphers for the story) so it's not clear why anyone is doing anything that they're doing, and some of the plot points are just totally lol. Still, on the plus side at least Liam Neeson wasn't in it much. 3/10
  9. Brexit

    Think its 20 confirmed by the sender but there'll be loads more remaining anonymous.
  10. Foggy Friday

    Tried two eps and was like.. it's ok but it's no arrested development.. does it get better?
  11. Foggy Friday

    Cuppas a bit rattled by this painting isn't he!
  12. Foggy Friday

    I'd be absolutely laffing if having 50 year old ladies telling me off was my thing.
  13. Foggy Friday

    I'm avin a shit m8!!!! This is meant to be the one place of sanctuary from a (not v) stressful job for a bit of mid morning R&R!
  14. Foggy Friday

    Cleaning ladys getting worse!! This morning she took the next step of shouting at me through the cubicle door (I didn't have my earphones in) "Are you going to be a long time in there? BECAUSE I REALLY NEED TO CLEAN THE TOILET NOW".
  15. Foggy Friday

    It IS a nice painting, really speaks to me about the futility of going for a swim at the top of a hill in your Speedo's.