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  1. Twitter ye not - (or Tweet allergy (or CLFC)) + #INSTA

    How did I miss this at the time!
  2. Tuesday - are we back?

    Are you android or iphone? Also can you tell me exactly what it says when you try and get on so i can check with the invision people whats up.
  3. Films

  4. Tuesday - are we back?

    Sorry guys got a bit overexcited after a day of no postings.
  5. Tuesday - are we back?

    As previously stated lentils or chickpeas give me the most egregious smelling farts I can pretty much guarantee you have ever smelt. Only ones I've ever smelt worse are when i went to some really horrible pound in a pint stripclub for my m8s stag do and he'd had a whatever the spiciest curry you can get in an Indian restaurant is, absolutely never smelt anything like it in my life. No manners but WHAT a critic (of really horrible strip clubs).
  6. Tuesday - are we back?

    Oh yeah quite a funny story that (was so obvious after they said what had happened that the old guy was just a massive bullshiter) although story after that was even better if a bit tragic (ie the Brewster's millions competition but for getting pregnant instead of losing money).
  7. Tuesday - are we back?

    I like Bernie but I really do think that is prob just too old.
  8. Tuesday - are we back?

    Da fuck not been able to get on all day didn't realise it was only screwed on mobile! Should be completely fixed now as I had to do an update that is meant to resolve the issue permanently.
  9. EUREF 2016 SUPERTHREAD inc. The Nasty Party

    ie right up your street!
  10. EUREF 2016 SUPERTHREAD inc. The Nasty Party

    Thought Derek Hatton was a property developer these days?
  11. Twitter ye not - (or Tweet allergy (or CLFC)) + #INSTA

    Can't figure what is going on with this guy between mental or piss taker but this cracked me right up.
  12. EUREF 2016 SUPERTHREAD inc. The Nasty Party

    Lol yeah that really is VERY basic.
  13. EUREF 2016 SUPERTHREAD inc. The Nasty Party

    You crave someone who does absolutely everything they can to help large corporations evade tax? Yes definitely the common sense approach we need in these times of huge inequality and austerity.
  14. Monday War Room

    Actually you prob would believe (about once per week).
  15. Monday War Room

    Tell you where you don't want to be pissed up.. on the tube! I sometimes get the weekly "incident" email and the number of people that pass out fall on to the track and then either wake up just in time or.. don't wake up in time you wouldn't believe!