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  1. Weekend thread!

    Just keep a VERY careful eye on yr toothbrush m8.
  2. EUREF 2016 SUPERTHREAD inc. The Nasty Party

    Forgot all about this! (They were talking about it on trumpcast).
  3. Weekend thread!

    There MUST be a more efficient way to do someone in than that! Just imagining him driving round inside the pub trying to get him.
  4. Weekend thread!

    Must be a REALLY good club for someone to get that angry they can't go in
  5. Weekend thread!

    Not taking that shit from someone who was all "Great news guys Not Going Out just got recommissioned for its ninth series!"
  6. Weekend thread!

    His follow up point prob a v good one
  7. Weekend thread!

    NOW I'm interested, thought it might just be mediocre.
  8. why do we have to fri?

    Looks like the first one IS actually on there, yeah it wasn't bad.
  9. Weekend thread!

    Ahahaha no idea why I bothered but watched the first 5 mins of that, didn't even vaguely predict any of what has happened (natch>>). "There will be a third world war between Russia and America and Europe and Canada" hasn't actually happened yet and then he starts blabbering on about how traffic wardens have been given a card that authorises them to enter people's homes once the third world war is started by the Illuminati to take over the world My face:
  10. why do we have to fri?

    Um think you forgot Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension m8!
  11. Weekend thread!

    Should have done 24
  12. Weekend thread!

    Didn't actually see the carragher video but weren't they both in moving cars at the time? I assume the spit didn't go anywhere near the bloke and his kid or have I totally misunderstood?
  13. Films

    Although the projector is actually quite small
  14. Films

    Haha yeah I did actually watch it on me 10' screen tbf.
  15. Weekend thread!

    Actually agree with the one about forcing the express to stop doing their stupid fucking headlines about killer snow etc, prob really does shit up the old people.