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  1. You been to a physio now m8?
  2. Wed She Was Good

    Not convinced on first listen but I'm rubbish at assessing album quality on first listen tbf.
  3. Wed She Was Good

    Hair & probably the benefits of sudden weight loss from being not v well
  4. Wed She Was Good

    Just having a listen to the new Stevey Malkmus album. Lol at the combo of that title and cover art.
  5. Wed She Was Good

    Why are you looking at his waist/bum/crotch area? V suspicious.
  6. Wed She Was Good

    Daughter in law, can you not see the resemblance?
  7. Wed She Was Good

    Just a guess but is it J... I'll leave it.
  8. Wed She Was Good

    Is it Roger Taylor's daughter with her nips out? Just a guess.
  9. Wed She Was Good

    Knew it was Iggy because no one just changes their name to Alice or Joaquin do they! Use yr brane!
  10. Hahahaha witch hunt being witches going on a hunt has cracked me up.
  11. Wed She Was Good

    Hahaha you went for Roman poets didn't you.
  12. WORLD CUP THREAD | Hooliganism and homophobia

    Was thinking that! Even less since timps effed off (2015).
  13. Wed She Was Good

    That's just annoying.
  14. Wed She Was Good

    Bollocks Ted Heath! Was 50/50 with Harold W basically
  15. Wed She Was Good

    It's HQ time!