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  1. 2019 General Elrection Megathread

    Christ, it never fucking stops. https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/politics/facebook-advertising-labour-jeremy-corbyn-attack-anti-extremism-a9234041.html
  2. 2019 General Elrection Megathread

    Would that that were why he was doing it but I really don't think so.
  3. 2019 General Elrection Megathread

    Genuinely terrifying and depressing stuff but unfortunately I feel politically homeless so nothing I can do about it.
  4. 2019 General Elrection Megathread

    Loooooove how they have to tell all the readers what time its on because they know most people don't really watch it.
  5. 2019 General Elrection Megathread

    Front Page!
  6. Red Sky in the Morning - Communist Warning!

    Is it backstreet boys David Bowie perchance?
  7. Red Sky in the Morning - Communist Warning!

    Spotify have souped up their wrapped a bit haven't they! Give you your favourite stuff from every year of the 2010s. My Spotify artist of the decade is Bing & Ruth.
  8. Red Sky in the Morning - Communist Warning!

  9. WWW

    He's shit what did I say!
  10. 2019 General Elrection Megathread

    I've literally tendered infrastructure maintenance contracts FOR TfL tbf
  11. 2019 General Elrection Megathread

    Ah Slaveo beat me to it (and made some better points).
  12. 2019 General Elrection Megathread

    You say that as if you're not in your own little bubble, and as if you EVER try arguing your case back.. every time I put facts to you (like on the anti semitism thing) you run a mile, but I'll try anyway.. (I haven't read the article) - the maintenance is currently carried out by network rail, which is a public body.. so please explain your point here?
  13. WWW

    Heard (and enjoyed) Hval, Pratt, Olsen, Sessions, will check out the rest.
  14. 2019 General Elrection Megathread

    If only you could get the (disaffected) youth out to vote at the same level as the OAPs there would be a genuine chance.. but prob not gonna happen.
  15. WWW

    Not heard of even ONE of the bottom 20 odd but plenty in the top 30, yeah everyone's going fucking nuts for that LDR album, surely can't be THAT good but will check it out.