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  1. Twitter ye not - (or Tweet allergy (or CLFC)) + #INSTA

    Don't remember scaggy mentioning anything about his trip to Dublin this weekend?
  2. EUREF 2016 SUPERTHREAD inc. The Nasty Party

    Speaking on BBC Radio 4’s Today programme, the foreign secretary followed May’s combative address on Friday, saying: “What Theresa May is saying is: don’t mistake British politeness for weakness. If you put us in a difficult corner, we will stand our ground. That’s the kind of country we are.” 
  3. Films

    Oh and is there anything funnier than a 90 year old man walking every day past the bar that's banned him for smoking and just quietly shouting "cunts" at it.
  4. Films

    Except that the director was Norm out of Fargo! and it was his debut, which is prettttay impressive. Also not only could Stanton have "fought" (cooked) in ww2 but apparently (been looking at "trivia" on IMDb) he did actually do exactly what he said in the film (cook on a boat at the battle of Okinawa). That look to camera at the v end tho!
  5. Films

    Same! Cant add a lot to this. 8/10
  6. TV

    Saw first ep of Killing Eve... Rubbish!
  7. Podcasts

    It's made by a journalist who's a proper expert on Isis and she interviews ex fighters n stuff.
  8. Podcasts

    It's about the caliphate
  9. Podcasts

    Started listening to caliphate.. good! Anyone else heard it?
  10. Friday, I'm on Ace! /rejected The Cure Lyrics

    Bluddy has as well! Must have finally remembered what email address he registered under after several abortive attempts to rejoin.
  11. Friday, I'm on Ace! /rejected The Cure Lyrics

    Who in the fock approved THAT sign-up request?
  12. Friday, I'm on Ace! /rejected The Cure Lyrics

    I see scaggy as more of an accidental auto-asphyxi-wank type.
  13. Friday, I'm on Ace! /rejected The Cure Lyrics

    Lol at May being all "well I've never been disrespectful towards the EU so I don't know why they're being like this" like the last 30 years of SHIT spouted by Tory politicians about the EU never happened.
  14. Friday, I'm on Ace! /rejected The Cure Lyrics

    Don't think Ireland are that bothered, from what I can tell having now watched 3 out of 5 eps of History of Ireland and "mother's day" starring burd out of this is England about the Warrington bombings its only actually people that live in Northern Ireland that care much either way.
  15. Friday, I'm on Ace! /rejected The Cure Lyrics

    Are u going premium economy scaggy?