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  1. *** TUMBLEWEED *** (monday)

    Used to have fixed line but Virgin fucked up my broadband so badly that I had to cancel it, thought 4G would be fine for a couple of months until 5G made it to my street but still waiting like 8 month later.
  2. *** TUMBLEWEED *** (monday)

    Yeah I do like it I have to say, gonna be effing hard getting back to having to do the daily commute and sit staring at your computer 8 hours a day after all this isn't it. Who knows maybe employers will take this as a new start and let people work from home a lot more once this is all done.
  3. *** TUMBLEWEED *** (monday)

    Still finding it quite hard to focus on work stuff although I just sort of dip in and out of it between doing other stuff and get everything done that I need to, so good enough. Wish I had a fixed line broadband, relying on mobile broadband is pretty annoying speedwise, really need them to get a move on with rolling out the old 5G.
  4. Films

    Sleuth (Joseph L. Mankiewicz, 1972) Bit disappointed by this I must say, had always heard good things about it.. the young upstart and the old master acting the shit out of each other and whilst they were both quite enjoyably over the top in it the whole thing was just waaay too theatrical (I mean it WAS based on a play tbf but still), and the story itself didn't make a whole lot of sense. The idea of anyone actually having any motivation at all for anything they were doing was not really bothered about and all the twists and turns were just.. not that clever really although I can imagine people being more impressed back in the 70s.. a simpler time. 5/10
  5. bon matin weekend thread

    Haha was LITERALLY thinking about half an hour ago how long till someone does that with that speech.
  6. bon matin weekend thread

    Ah bollocks totally forgot it was easter next weekend, hhhwhat a waste of two days off work.
  7. bon matin weekend thread

    For context that it is a really narrow passage that connects two much wider areas along the river, still completely nuts though.
  8. Films

    Gerry (Gus Van Sant, 2002) Two guys go for a short hike in the New Mexico wilderness, with no supplies, and lose their way on their return to the car. Really enjoyed this.. for a Hollywood-ish film it was actually quite experimental stuff, no backstory for the characters (you never find anything out about them at all, not even their names - the name Gerry itself just being an injoke between them) so there are no cuts back to their worried girlfriends or whatever, no melodrama at all, just two guys slowly realising they fucked up and desperately trying to get back to some kind of civilisation with basically no wilderness skills at all. V low key performance from C Affleck and Damon, I'm guessing might have been mostly improvised. 7/10
  9. bon matin weekend thread

    Bit busier round my way so I have not stepped outside all day.
  10. bon matin weekend thread

    Yeah it said it's because it was originally set up to be used to respond to people having heart attacks and that you should just ignore that aspect. But yeah I'm not surprised it doesn't work great yet given how quickly they've tried to get it going.
  11. bon matin weekend thread

    Thank fuck your boat didn't end up as one of those floating Corona ships that no one would let dock anywhere at least, grimmest thing ever.