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  2. The "Saggy is Great" Easter Weekend Thread

    Fav news story of the weekend was the faux bullshit outrage about Di Abbott being snapped with a g&t on the train. Train booze is the best and I'm more mortified at the fact that's even an offense now. This country.
  3. Good ep though on the whole. They're labouring the Tormund Brienne gag a bit much though innit.
  4. - Not sure where the $15m was spent on this ep, looks like it was all filmed on a sound stage at Pinewood, maybe they're using $30m for the big fight. - Thought the knighting of Sir Brie was very effective and quite moving. She deserves it! Love you, Brie! *mouths 'call me'* - There should be a rule that you don't show the arse of an actor that started off as a child, very uncomfortable, put it away, love - Danny's reveal of the last 15 years 'so your brother and your best mate told you' was so rubbish 😀😀 I swear she looks in the camera too, she is such a bad wife/ aunt. - I've found a creeping internet-speak in this season like 'We're done here' and last week's 'you've ruined horses for me'. Just some more evidence of how they can't write since the book/ tv divergence. - fat book reader still effing up every scene he's in, like someone pissing in your squash But still a good ep, all considering.
  5. Films

    THE UNKNOWN GIRL (2017, dir. Luc & Jean-Pierre Dardenne) a doctor, working late, declines to answer the door to someone after hours. They end up dead. Another Dardenne bros film but not from my boxset - by happy accident this is on iplayer for another week or so. It's shot on digital and has a slightly more traditional filming style, but is otherwise classic Dardenne themes: Liege, class, guilt, people going beyond their social role. Problem is it feels a bit wanting, and kind of becomes a generic detective story as the doctor tries to find out who the woman was. Like Colombo we meet the perp early and there are a few red herrings. Unlike Colombo it's not a lot of fun and some of the minor roles are really badly acted. There's a side story that gets less interesting as it goes on too. The central narrative is resolved after a few blind alleys, but in a weirdly unsatisfactory way: the guy says yes he saw her die but he definitely didn't do it even though all through the film he's a Billy liar; somehow the doctor believes him. I did enjoy parts of it, but it was also frustrating and overlong and the kid who plays Bryan gets way too much screen time. 5
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  7. Much better ep, I like Lilly Allen's brother's redemption arc, so he killed a couple of kids when he was young, who hasn't.
  8. The "Saggy is Great" Easter Weekend Thread

    Wife is hotter than mistress imo, but is probably more understanding of the discrete problems of being an heir
  9. The "Saggy is Great" Easter Weekend Thread

    I mean if you’re into posh chicks, you’re into posh chicks I suppose.
  10. The "Saggy is Great" Easter Weekend Thread

    I wondered why there were stories about her being excluded from royal circles also she looks so much like his wife it's basically this
  11. Thread For The Beautiful Game

    It's awful, looks like a Chinese knock-off! I like this one with collars why do they have to keep mucking about with things.
  12. The "Saggy is Great" Easter Weekend Thread

    Hello Burch, We have received a number of complaints about the comment you made on article "'Almost like watching strangers': Body language expert says Prince Harry was 'desperate to avoid' his brother William at Easter church service?" (/news/article-6945739/Prince-Harry-desperate-avoid-brother-William-church-service-claims-body-language-expert.html), at 22/04/2019 Due to the number of complaints received, your comment has been removed from MailOnline. Should the situation change, we will review and consider re-publishing. Until such time, your comment will remain off the site. To avoid this happening again, please take the time to review the House Rules and site Terms and Conditions.
  13. The "Saggy is Great" Easter Weekend Thread

    The point of going to the mail is to see if they'll delete my comment.
  14. The "Saggy is Great" Easter Weekend Thread

    Yeah got that, she's on the left.
  15. The "Saggy is Great" Easter Weekend Thread

    apparently the other woman is called Rose if that helps your triangulation
  16. The "Saggy is Great" Easter Weekend Thread

    *goes to Mail comments*
  17. The "Saggy is Great" Easter Weekend Thread

  18. The "Saggy is Great" Easter Weekend Thread

    Just having a hot cross bun for breakfast. Not a dive. Also no sign of Teb.
  19. The "Saggy is Great" Easter Weekend Thread

    Today I Learned: Prince William has a superinjunction out against the UK press as he's had an affair. European press all over it.
  20. Thread For The Beautiful Game

    Yeah that's a niiice kit.
  21. The "Saggy is Great" Easter Weekend Thread

    Agree with cuppa and GUBU, tbd refs could give those before the striker even goes down and were doing so in the world cup regularly. Also no sign of Teb.
  22. The "Saggy is Great" Easter Weekend Thread

    Train back home cancelled so in a Wetherspoons at 830. No sign of Teb.
  23. The "Saggy is Great" Easter Weekend Thread

    I think it depends on how you want to define a dive. Here is my forensic analysis because I'm up early and bored. The defender is probably impeding him, and I think you can make a reasonable agrument that it's a foul. If a player was all armsy and grabby like that in the centre circle I don't think many people would bat an eyelid if the ref gave a free kick. However, the defender's actions don't specifically cause Salah to fall over - that was a deliberate action by Salah. So in that sense, he dived because he threw himself to the floor. However "a dive" is usually shorthand for somebody simulating that there had been a foul when there hadn't been one. I'm not sure you can make that case here, as it does look like the fella is unfairly impeding him. There's a school of thought that says if you have been genuinely fouled it's okay to go down to make it clearer to the ref. I am not too fussed about this on the whole but it can make me uneasy because strikers have never been able to demonstrate sensible judgement on when they have or haven't been fouled and therefore it carries risk that if you haven't been genuinely fouled, you are therefore diving even if you think you aren't. I think that's effectively what people are accusing Salah of here. The other problem with the concept of going down if you've been fouled to make it clearer to the ref, is the absurd extremes to which it's taken - "he's give him the right to go down" gets deployed when there's the slightest touch on a striker in the penalty area, which can fuck right off. So back to the case in hand, another problem is that over the course of the season, Salah has earned a reputation as a diver and so people are judging him on that as much as this one incident. As an aside, I think it's a terrible shame when a player of Salah's quality resorts to that kind of football as it makes the game less interesting to watch and detracts from their game as well - at its extreme is Neymar who is a significantly worse footballer than his talent should make him because he spends most of his games looking for ways to get fouled or dive rather than actually playing football. Of course, Salah's diving might be on the instruction of Jürgen Klopp, which would also be a shame because I like him a lot and I'd hate for him to be encouraging that kind of football. So, in summary: Salah went down a bit easy but had already been fouled and on balance his actions were reasonable and in this case doesn't constitute a dive. Verdict: PENALTY
  24. The "Saggy is Great" Easter Weekend Thread

    Watching new GOT live! Except it's not keeping my interest and I'm doing other things instead.
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