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  2. Wed She Was Good

    I’ll add it to the list (maybe not the fire engine thing), thanks Mupps
  3. Wed She Was Good

    She'll have loads of slap on too, it was a prearranged filmed interview.
  4. Wed She Was Good

    You made a comment about the Russian lady looking very different from pic to pic, bit sexist.
  5. Wed She Was Good

    Has done what?
  6. Wed She Was Good

    How does that work? Has she heard of a teasmade? I’m getting one when I’m rich.
  7. Wed She Was Good

    There's a Holiday Inn with a bar at the top which gives amazing views of the city. We also went to the museum of Latvian life and the fire engine museum (quite a lot was closed that day).
  8. Wed She Was Good

    I get my pants and socks out the night before unless I forget to, scaggy.
  9. Wed She Was Good

    I would say the same- I often need a few plays. Get my hear around something. It might not get another play for a while as I’ll be gearing up for end of the road over the next few months, books n music n tha.
  10. Wed She Was Good

    Mupps has done this!
  11. Wed She Was Good

    Learning something new about the missus all the time. Just saw her make a cup of coffee to have the next morning to "save time"
  12. Wed She Was Good

    she's wearing glasses too
  13. You been to a physio now m8?
  14. Wed She Was Good

    Not convinced on first listen but I'm rubbish at assessing album quality on first listen tbf.
  15. Wed She Was Good

    Hair & probably the benefits of sudden weight loss from being not v well
  16. Wed She Was Good

    i've seen this!
  17. Wed She Was Good

    further to nesi's observation about women looking totally different if they just do something with their hair
  18. Wed She Was Good

    You get enough of a pound of flesh and the rest of the time.
  19. Ace Rvnning Clvb: Like the whippets thread but for running

    running on the balls of the foot actually seemed to help a bit
  20. Wed She Was Good

    I thought it was alright. Think I’m gonna watch the greatest showman now
  21. Today
  22. TV

    knew it. some of the best gags are in the credits, starring [the director] uh.. directed by
  23. TV

  24. Wed She Was Good

    This is actually just boring.
  25. TV

    was it ?
  26. Wed She Was Good

    I gave this a quick spin yesterday when downloading my listening for going back to work, really liked it.
  27. Wed She Was Good

    Just having a listen to the new Stevey Malkmus album. Lol at the combo of that title and cover art.
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