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  2. Weekend thread!

    Come on So'ton!!!
  3. EUREF 2016 SUPERTHREAD inc. The Nasty Party

    Tory Liars: Corbyn and the Labour left opposed the East European regimes
  4. Today
  5. Weekend thread!

    I'm shaking with relief tbh
  6. Weekend thread!

    Yes, be pleased it's over.
  7. Weekend thread!

    Heh, yeah, exactly my thoughts. I am 95% sure he's alright. He's just very damaged at the moment
  8. Weekend thread!

    Just keep a VERY careful eye on yr toothbrush m8.
  9. Weekend thread!

    lodger has offered to fuck off almost immediately - I wish I wasn't starting new job tomorrow as I fear slightly that he might misbehave but this is probably being paranoid. Parents have offered to keep popping in while I am at work. Essentially I've given him four weeks and he wants to go now. I've said he still owes more 4 weeks notice so he's suggested a compromise that I give him back £400 which is deposit less £100 which seems pretty good. He's going to jack his job in though which means he won't go to work tomorrow which worries me. He doesn't drive so it't not like he could fill his car up or anything. It's sorely tempting to just let him go. He's slept on a mattress and pillows and under a duvet that haven't had covers on for 3 weeks hence the compromise over the deposit. I should just let him go, shouldn't I?
  10. Weekend thread!

    Drunk enough to drive a vehicle into it?
  11. Weekend thread!

    If cinema has taught me anything leaving children at home during the festive season teaches them resilience, guile,and self-preservation
  12. Weekend thread!

    Well you can't just leave them at home.
  13. Weekend thread!

    Why were there families with children in a pub in the early hours of new year's Day?
  14. Weekend thread!

    Super confusing article! So many owners.
  15. Weekend thread!

    How drunk do you have to be to be refused service in your own pub?
  16. Weekend thread!

    I think Oxfordshire wins the 'things driven into pubs' contest. Absolutely love the totally necessary detail about the landlord's son in this article. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/oxfordshire/2940033.stm
  17. Weekend thread!

    This is downright weird.
  18. EUREF 2016 SUPERTHREAD inc. The Nasty Party

    Because when the right appease Russia it’s sensible action to support the economy and prevent war.
  19. Weekend thread!

    Umm, how many emergency power packs do I own?
  20. Weekend thread!

    Honestly you're wasted on him I imagine.
  21. Weekend thread!

    that pub where gube played in bolton (and environs) looked exactly what you lot (not burch) think "the north" is like (i.e. that vice donk doco)
  22. Weekend thread!

    We had a power cut last night, Pete was all over it with his emergency power packs and multiple lighting solutions. I said it was probably a fake power cut to identify the preppers.
  23. Weekend thread!

    Porton Down IS a lot closer to Salisbury than Russia.
  24. Weekend thread!

    Keep doing a weird laugh thinking about this.
  25. Weekend thread!

    "There's always someone who spoils it for everyone else".
  26. Weekend thread!

    Still, good news about the guy who can go and get his missing shoe now
  27. Weekend thread!

    Saw an advert earlier and thought it seemed odd. Seen it again just now. A renewable energy company leading with Slayer's Angel of Death with samples from Network ("I'm as mad as hell"... etc.) I'm not sure what the music / sample is supposed to evoke when it comes to renewable energy
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