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  2. News of the Tues

    Well, Norwich does come after Newcastle alphabetically, so it's difficult to tell
  3. News of the Tues

    Just Olly I think.
  4. News of the Tues

    Those surveys always make me laugh.. ooh headteaching is becoming really unpopular as 34% say they are considering quitting. Who ISN'T basically in a permanent state of contemplating quitting their job!
  5. News of the Tues

    let's not be too harsh, Nesi couldn't tell you which is more northerly, Newcastle or Norwich, and no one thinks he's a cretinous spang.
  6. News of the Tues

    Think we've finally achieved #peakaxl
  7. News of the Tues

    Surely he can't really think that, can he? That Wales is NI in my joke pic?
  8. News of the Tues

    Nice little article about Ted in the guardian today https://www.theguardian.com/education/2019/jul/23/sold-house-came-out-as-gay-stood-as-a-green-councillor-life-after-headteaching
  9. News of the Tues

    it's a good question!
  10. News of the Tues

    Urologist appointment at the end of August.
  11. News of the Tues

  12. News of the Tues

    dirty get
  13. News of the Tues

  14. News of the Tues

    Have you got a clavicle, Sgaccy?
  15. News of the Tues

    are you on authentic acoustic piano or imitation electric piano?
  16. News of the Tues

    Any Initiation Electric Piano fans around, they've just released a new track. I'm on piano!
  17. News of the Tues

    Just popping out to take a strimmer to my face
  18. News of the Tues

  19. News of the Tues

    For a start Shoebob either the tectonic plates have shifted or there's no longer any water between Ireland & England. I can't put an attachment up due to inefficient user rights. Now the little island that's magically joined to England, Northern island is at the top of that and Scotland is slap bang in the middle of the top image above the marginal line.
  20. News of the Tues

    Boss did this the other day, spent the next hour working out potential routes, covering both bridge and tunnel options
  21. News of the Tues

    Should probably just swim it, tbf.
  22. News of the Tues

    a bridge from Scotland to NI is a good idea actually considering all the trouble with the ferries.
  23. News of the Tues

    You only build a bridge over the water, Stumpy! That bridge (probs from Bangor to Portpatrick) would be 12 miles.
  24. News of the Tues

    they're OBVIOUSLY not going to, to be fair to actual sense and not being a contrarian SPANG
  25. News of the Tues

    They could build the bridge from Glasgae to Skibbereen, if they wanted to, to be fair to axl.
  26. News of the Tues

    not if you go from Aberdeen to Coleraine.
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