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  2. *** TUMBLEWEED *** (monday)

    Ooh that's not good one word meeting invite with the word "ANNOUNCEMENT" no further deets from senior management. *building uptempo techno beat*
  3. Yeah, fuckin' 'ell Slavo, sort it out.
  4. Depends if they carry the virus on or not. Can't see them social distancing too well. A law unto themselves those mogwai.
  5. Getting them wet isn't the main problem, it's feeding them after midnight.
  6. *** TUMBLEWEED *** (monday)

    Going to assume the turtle was perfectly happy while I add it to my favourite gifs.
  7. *** TUMBLEWEED *** (monday)

    Have included in the guidance that people are only allowed to buy the Guardian on account of the type of paper on which the other publications print contain chemicals that allow Coronas and COVIDS to multiply.
  8. *** TUMBLEWEED *** (monday)

    That will certainly take the edge off me pissing myself laughing for the last 20 mins.
  9. *** TUMBLEWEED *** (monday)

    Cuppa can you buy a Guardian or Morning Star instead if someone's asked for The Sun?
  10. *** TUMBLEWEED *** (monday)

    almost certainly but it can't feel pain because of the shell.
  11. *** TUMBLEWEED *** (monday)

    Hang on, is this going to be one of those where the animals were deeply distressed all along?
  12. *** TUMBLEWEED *** (monday)

    cuppabeans I want chopped tomatoes don't mind what brand as long as they've been infested with ghouls
  13. *** TUMBLEWEED *** (monday)

    domestos - nbum wipes or liquid?
  14. *** TUMBLEWEED *** (monday)

    just thinking up more FAQs.
  15. *** TUMBLEWEED *** (monday)

    can you accept gifts, cuppa? what if someone wants you to buy just e.g. boddles of scotch?
  16. *** TUMBLEWEED *** (monday)

    YEAH, I AM!
  17. *** TUMBLEWEED *** (monday)

  18. Today
  19. *** TUMBLEWEED *** (monday)

    THEN I think cuppabeans should put that in his guide rather than harping on and on about fucking Cross and Blackwell like a cunt.
  20. *** TUMBLEWEED *** (monday)

    I've changed it to "ask if there are any brands they prefer but explain you might not be able to get their preference."
  21. Don't want the PM to die, we don't need any more chaos or for him to become a martyr figure or anything. BUT, it would be FUCKING funny if he did die.
  22. *** TUMBLEWEED *** (monday)

  23. Tony Lloyd in hospital now. I really like him
  24. *** TUMBLEWEED *** (monday)

    I'm not saying this is the case with beans, but with substitutions do you have to be careful about ingredients in case of allergies/intolerances?
  25. *** TUMBLEWEED *** (monday)

    cuppabeans, delete the section on choice or you're banned
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