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  2. Golden TUEt

    One of the weirdest conversations I have ever heard in my life.
  3. Golden TUEt

    Heh, yeah that bit was quite funny really.
  4. Golden TUEt

    Fockin ELL!!! That is absolutely mental.. "Is it just the two of you in the house?" "Yeah.. well just the one now actually!"
  5. Golden TUEt

    Christ... "Bit of a bizarre situation really, but y'know, never mind" http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-suffolk-44859082
  6. TV

    first episode of Who Is America?, the high points were maybe not as good as Brass Eye at its best, but packed a much harder political punch, I was goggled-eyed at the entire gun section.
  7. not sure that's music
  8. Golden TUEt

    bit bored of having imcompetence of trump highlighted. I know. I knew two years ago. Watching the news contuinually return to its own vomit. He is a disgrace.
  9. Golden TUEt

    the fuck is that all about? m8 if you can afford a fucking amp and a fucking mic I'm not giving you whatever coppers I have in my pocket! fuck you! hire a room!
  10. Golden TUEt

    If you get a good singer, the call to prayer can be quite affecting imho. Anyway, neither are as bad as buskers using amplification.
  11. Golden TUEt

    They had Arnie S on BBC News slagging off the President.
  12. Golden TUEt

    re Dawkins I live literally 50 yards from Worcester Cathedral and used to live right near a mosque in Istanbul and came to be able to ignore the call to prayer whereas the bells are always a massive clanging inconvenience
  13. Golden TUEt

    The whole Dawkins trajectory now is beyond depress, wonder if he's genuinely got some sort of brain disease.
  14. Golden TUEt

    Nah true, yesterday I was thinking he really has gone too far even for the republicans but of course I forgot that he can always just go "I didn't actually mean that thing I said, just something almost like that thing I said but just far enough away from it that you can still feel comfortable defending me on 24 hr news", and they'd be like "ok good enough".
  15. Golden TUEt

    Let's move onto someone else to hate for a bit.
  16. Golden TUEt

    it won't make a jot of difference either, just depress
  17. Golden TUEt

    Sorry, sorry, I mean wouldn't be that one.
  18. Get yourself to the daily thread where we're currently covering this live!
  19. Golden TUEt

    You can watch it in context at about 39:40.. v much not convinced it would make sense for him to have meant to have said "wouldn't".. I mean 5 seconds later he says "I have confidence in both parties" just for a start.
  20. Golden TUEt

    Are you suggesting that he's lying?
  21. Golden TUEt

    Like, don't people more commonly mix up nouns when they mis-speak or else use a less precise word, with similar sentiment, than the one they're groping for, if a term slips their mind... Or if their vocabulary is poor they might get the wrong word! What a weasel!
  22. Golden TUEt

    Of literally all the words to get wrong, though! Imagine it would be that one!
  23. Trump now claims that he meant the opposite of what he said, which would also mean that what he meant to say would be the opposite of other things he said, which are things which he is NOT claiming to have misspoke of. And this will be perfectly acceptable - because this fat fuck is never held accountable buy the cowards which surround him
  24. Golden TUEt

    absolutely rattled
  25. Golden TUEt

  26. TV

    I know! Each time I become aware of it I have to force myself to forget it exists.
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