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  2. Foggy Friday

    Sorry Randy, I take that back. I was just trying to take the heat off me after my poorly constructed sentence.
  3. Foggy Friday

    I mean I hope you are doing okay even if you're aren't seeing this, but... well you know what I mean. Fuck off, Randy.
  4. Foggy Friday

    Yes, I do worry about all that. Nesi, hope you're all doing okay if you're seeing this and don't want to post at the moment.
  5. Brexit

    Since Trump and Brexit I sort of expect the worst.
  6. Brexit

    I don’t think I really believe Brexit will happen. My mind seems to have developed a disaster aversion defense mechanism where I believe (deep down inside) that an 11th hour solution will fall out of the sky. My hopes are currently on it just failing at Parliament
  7. Brexit

    At LAST a privately educated Sandhurst graduating bloody hard worker being given a chance in life.
  8. Brexit

  9. Today
  10. Foggy Friday

    been wondering the same myself @rats biting toes at night
  11. Foggy Friday

    Wonder how @amnesiac /@amnesiac interactive PLC is getting on in Norfolk.
  12. Films

    I do hate everything (lowest common denominator shit)!
  13. Films

    Zaireeka hates everything though.
  14. Brexit

    who wants to stand behind Walter the Softie though? I'll be shocked/fuming if they kick it past parliament though.
  15. Foggy Friday

    That’s what I thought. There’s no story here, I was just wondering what the actual rules were
  16. Brexit

    That's only the ones that have put their name to it tho! There must be in the 40s, but yeah not convinced at all she'd lose the vote itself.
  17. Brexit

    21! dunt reckon they're getting 48! Gove staying has rallied the troops, might even stick this one past parliament!
  18. Brexit

    20's pafffetic, if that is the total... reckon she'd perhaps survive the vote anyway.
  19. Films

    Hah don't listen to me (necessarily)! I'm a right miserable twat! Proper confused how not one reviewer has slagged this off tho, not even Slant and they slag off basically EVERYTHING (that isn't a b&w macedonian documentary about turnip farming)
  20. Foggy Friday

    got a guy in fixing the washing machine. Wish he'd fix it and fuck off, I've got the afternoon off and I want to take a kip.
  21. Foggy Friday

    Plough on, snapping off wing mirrors as I go.
  22. Films

    not got Netflix!
  23. Films

    Phase IV is on Netflix.
  24. Films

    that's this evening's plan out the window then
  25. Films

    The Ballad of Buster Scruggs - new coen brothers film made up of six short stories, all of them set in the American West in the 1880s.. some better than others but none of them not good (except maybe the last one which was just ok). Tom Waits was brilliant in his one. You can probably file this under the dictionary definition of v enjoyable fluff and for that reason I will give it a 7.5/10
  26. Foggy Friday

    I know I'm technically entitled to but I don't like sneaking up to the bike bit when on bike, seems a bit cheeky, I just keep my place in traffic.
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