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  2. I can’t conplain

    forgot to rip to the max Mazzy Star guy, fade into you will last until the end of the world.
  3. I can’t conplain

    My best mate came up from London last Sunday. He was travelling back the next day and I had the Monday off. The plan was to stay in the pub all day just catching up and drinking. Went back to the flat after 5 pints because we both felt bilious.
  4. Not sure about the vid but what a song. One of those songs I play about once a fortnight to remind myself how good it is.
  5. I can’t conplain

    I am absolutely gagging for a good full pub day with no work the day after. Feels like it’s been ages. The new house is just around the corner from one of my favourite pubs/bars - a tiny little continental bar called Babelas which has been there forever. Excellent cheese boards..
  6. I can’t conplain

    i find drinking a pint has that effect on me.
  7. I can’t conplain

    the one good thing about here is despite a lack of culture and food choices beyond the prosaic is that the pubs are pretty good. new one opened recently, nice Belgian bar. had a couple in there yesterday and they gave us some complimentary cheese cubes that you dip in mustard and then celery salt and hey presto! makes you want another pint.
  8. I can’t conplain

  9. Today
  10. I can’t conplain

    What sort of mpg do you get on one of those?
  11. I can’t conplain

    I prefer a flan
  12. I can’t conplain

    Most of the chain pubs around me are Greene King as they're from nearby bury st edmonds, could be worse, loves me some old speckled hen, 18 pints of that and a vegan burrito, jump in the Volvo, drive to IKEA, that's my Sunday, more or less
  13. I can’t conplain

    It's looking alright now. It's a Mitchell's & Butlers so you standard pub fayre and lacking a bit of individuality but it's looking pretty nice now. Don't know if it was independent before. And, as I say, lovely ceiling. It's no Philharmonic Dining Rooms on that front but decent.
  14. I can’t conplain

    I thought it was just a standard station pub, but I haven't been there since the wake.
  15. I can’t conplain

    Oh yeah. Just had a refurb actually. Looking good. Nice ceiling.
  16. I can’t conplain

    Oh yeah there was a dece pub near my work that went all vegan, the public spoke and said no fancs and it closed, you just can't make pub grub work without at least butter
  17. I can’t conplain

    The Crown
  18. I can’t conplain

    Love The Edinburgh yeah. Don’t know the other one. Will check it out.
  19. I can’t conplain

    Ma Egerton’s. Back of Lime Street station?
  20. I can’t conplain

    if you ever go for a day out Teb I'd recommend the Volunteer in Waterloo and the Edinburgh in Wavertree.
  21. I can’t conplain

    I didn’t know. 🤦‍♂️
  22. I can’t conplain

    there's GHOT to be a band called Grapes @Shoebox ?
  23. I can’t conplain

    The Lion Tavern on Tithebarn Street is a great pub. There’s some good pubs around Tithebarn Street, Dale Street and Victoria Street. Thomas Rigby’s, Ye Hole in the Wall. The Ship & Mitre is still probably my favourite pub in town.
  24. I can’t conplain

    £5 student/advance £6 on the door No football colours
  25. I can’t conplain

    oh right right it's the area not a pub. yeah all the best pubs are there. all the ones you named. love Peter Kavs.
  26. I can’t conplain

    I don't like this because it's a) two years old and b) fake.
  27. I can’t conplain

    Does Ye Cracke still have that washing machine in?
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